Police arrest and detain an Evangelist in the station in Kashmir

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Police Arrest and Detain an Evangelist in the Station in KashmirSrinagar, January 22, 2013: Evangelist Ghulam Muhammad Ganie is a member of Christ the Church of Kashmir, and he works for the Hindustan Bible Institute of Kashmir. On the night of 15th January 2013, he was arrested by the police from the Kothi Bagh Police Station in Srinagar, and a case was filed against him. He was then simply detained and kept in the police station for his Christian activities in Kashmir till the 19th of January when he was released on bail.

This is the second time that the police have arrested him for the propagation of his faith, against the very principles as enjoined in the constitution of our country in respect of the practice of ones faith in India. Earlier Evangelist Ganie was arrested in the middle of last year, 2012, along with Rev. Khanna, and was duly bailed out and set free. Then, for some time, he shifted his area of operation to other parts in northern India, and a few months ago he went back to his native place in Srinagar. The moment the police learnt that he was back in Srinagar, they pounced upon him and arrested him. This arrest of the evangelist for the second time has caused great fear among his friends and other believers in Srinagar. Please pray for them.

– persecution.in

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