Power of peace

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Put the power of peace into your thoughts. Feel the power of
Peace throughout your life.


When your thoughts are focused on conflict, those thoughts
Are in conflict with each other. That drains their power and
Effectiveness away.

Instead of looking for excuses to be in conflict, think of
Reasons to be at peace.

Instead of always striving to get an
Advantage, allow the ultimate advantage of peace to easily
And naturally flow from your center.

Your true purpose is not in conflict with anything. Though
You will always face challenges, you never have to fight.

For you can meet those challenges with love and grace and
The positive power of peaceful purpose.

Instead of getting
Caught up in the conflict, with the power of peace you can
Find a positive way to successfully move beyond it.

No one can take peace away from you when you step forward
And offer it first. Keep peace in your thoughts, and put
Real, meaningful power in your life.

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