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Ever wonder if anti-trafficking programs work? They do.

anti-trafficking programsIndia: Hasina, a girl who’s been missing in India for the last 12 years, has a new beginning. The Bright Hope International Anti-Human Trafficking team got wind of her plight from her brother who found out she was enslaved by traffickers. Bright Hope’s CH Dyer says, “They found this girl being held captive. They got word to her that she should go to a certain location. And they picked her up in a van and escaped. She’s now in a safe house, secured and safe from her captors after 12 years.” Hasina’s story doesn’t end there. She was eight when she was kidnapped and sold into the sex trade. After 12 years of abuse, the damage is significant. “She is in the worst shape they’ve seen a person. There’s been, physical, malnutrition of course. There’s been physical abuse. Mentally, she’s just struggling to even believe she’s free”

Pray for her! This is a spiritual battle. You could even consider this is a call to arms. “We’re empowering two churches to do this work. They want to be on the front lines in India, in their communities, rescuing these young women and helping with the rehabilitation and restoration.”

9 former addicts come to Christ through CBI India

India: 70% of the young people in one region of India are abusing drugs. In eastern India, a prison ministry is fighting the rising tide of drug abuse. “Drug abuse and substance abuse is a huge problem among the poor classes, the uneducated classes.” Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) just opened a satellite campus in Manipur, and President David Schuringa says, “It’s been very exciting to see the progress.” CBI India recently held a ceremony for the first 9 graduates of its discipleship program. These grads came to faith in Jesus through CBI’s program. All 9 were baptized to symbolize their new life in Christ.

“Pray that they will continue in the discipleship program. Discipleship is not completed after [being] baptized; that’s just the beginning.”

Pray also for recovering addicts who are studying CBI material at a halfway house in Manipur.

Prayer needed as Children’s Bible Clubs start throughout India

India: Children’s Bible Clubs in India are the targets of recent persecution. Lindsay Ackerman of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission Indiasays club leaders were attacked in the middle of training. “Without warning, a group of extremists just burst into the training. They beat up one of the leaders named Mahit.” The attack took place in Karnataka. “This is one of the areas where persecution of Christians is very, very high.” Pray for Mahit’s healing. Ask the Lord to protect leaders and kids as Bible Clubs start throughout India. “There are those who see the life transformation that Christ is bringing into peoples’ lives, and they’re mad about it. They’re afraid; they don’t want to see the Gospel spread across India.” Through a link at our Web site and a special matching gift, you can help twice the amount of kids hear the Gospel.

70 ‘slaves’ rescued in India

70 'slaves' rescued India: Nearly 70 people were rescued from a life of slavery recently in Andhra Pradesh, India. International Justice Mission (IJM) made authorities aware of the situation April 18, 2013. 21 families were trapped inside a brick factory and forced to work around the clock for over five months. The government assembled a rescue team and freed them. The poor are easily lured across state lines with the promise of work.

Pray that God will continue to use IJM not only to rescue these victims physically, but spiritually.

– anudhina manna

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