Prayer service disrupted & School attacked in Chhattisgarh * CG mining scams bigger than Karnataka exposure: Karma

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Chhattisgarh-MapChhattisgarh, February 18, 2012: A group of Hindutva extremists disrupted a prayer service organized by Bershebha church on February 15th in Pandhi village, Seepat road, Near Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Pastor Daultram told Evangelical Fellowship of India, that a three day worship service was organized by the church and about 200 people were participating in the prayer service with prior police permission. The first day of the meeting went on smoothly. On the second day a group of about 6 miscreants from the area came and told pastor Daultram to stop the meeting.

On the third day, at about 12.30 in the afternoon, a mob of about 50 well armed activists came and destroyed the tent, mike and speakers. The mob then dragged the Christians present at the prayer service and started brutally assaulting them. The ensuing rampage resulted in severe injuries to the Christian and Pastor Sunam Besra suffered head injuries resulting in receiving stitches. The Inspector in-charge, Mr. Rajan Singh , arrived on the spot and took charge . A case has been registered against the radicals under section 147, 296 and 323 of the Indian Penal Code. No arrest has been made yet.

School attacked in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, February 18, 2012: Nirmala Convent School was surrounded by a group of Hindutva fundamentalists on January 31st in Korba, Chhattisgarh. As reported to EFI, a newly constructed school building was being inaugurated when suddenly at around 10.30 am a group of radicals belonging to the RSS entered the school raising slogans and disrupted the inauguration ceremony. The radicals accused the school of conversions. The outburst of the above incident was on the pretext of a school student carrying a bag in the premises. When noticed and questioned the student stated that he is carrying an idol of “Saraswati” ( a Hindu goddess of knowledge) and is going to perform “pooja” in the class. During all this the Hindu activists were standing outside the premises.

The police came at the school and the Sub Divisional Officer, ordered that the pooja be conducted and told Sister Mary, the Principal of the Nirmala Convent, to conduct the pooja. When she refused, a Hindu Teacher was told to conduct the pooja in her place. Thereafter, a local cable T V Channel “Abhi Tak” kept repeatedly telecasting false news that the idol of the Hindu Goddess has been desecrated by the Christians in the Convent school. An attempt to lodge the complain against the Channel was ignored by the police even when they kept telecasting the fabricated news for the next 48 hours. Despite the repeated attempts by the school authorities, no case has been registered against the radicals..

– efi

CG mining scams bigger than Karnataka exposure: Karma


Mahendra KarmaKarnataka, October 12, 2011: Former leader of opposition at Vidhan Sabha and senior Congress leader Mahendra Karma on Wednesday alleged that the mining scams in Chhattisgarh were much bigger than those exposed in Karnataka, which resulted in entrapment of Bellary brothers (Reddy brothers). “The rapid exploitation of the state’s mineral resources clearly indicates that the Raman Singh-led BJP government simply intends to destroy Chhattisgarh,” Karma said.

The veteran politician said the mining scams in the state were only tip of the iceberg and many more corruption cases could be unleashed on investigation. Terming former BJP president LK Advani’s symbolic Jan Chenta Yatra (anti-corruption yatra) as being taken out at right time, Karma said the yatra would be widely hailed if Advani would unbiasedly admit that corruption prevailed in Chhattisgarh too and appeal to the people for system change when his yatra would enter the state.

“The objective of the yatra is apparent but Advani should not put a political hue in it. If he would do then the yatra would merely be dubbed as another mode to get cheap popularity,” Karma said. Demanding from the Centre to issue white paper against the state government, he said the common man had been severely offended by the rising corruption in the system. “A senior BJP minister’s name has been flashed in road construction scam and reports against had published in Canada that he had taken bribe in dollars. Advani should take cognisance of the wrongdoings of state BJP ministers and must condemn the corrupt government publicly when his yatra would enter Chhattisgarh,” Karma said.

– maharajayogi

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