Praying for our government?

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Praying for our Government?

prayerMost of us would agree with Paul about the need to pray for political leaders.
But many people have a hard time accepting Paul’s instruction to give thanks to God for government (v.2).
Because of all the wrong they see in national and local politics, government seems more of a curse than a blessing.

They wonder what they are supposed to be thankful for.
If we feel this way, we should remember that Paul lived under the regimes of despotic Roman emperors.

scamHe saw their rule as better than anarchy.
We should also remind ourselves that many of the benefits we enjoy are the result of good laws.
Many countries, for example, have laws protecting children and the poor from inhuman labor practices.

Conditions may be far from perfect, but they would be much worse if it were not for compassionate laws.

Paul said the Lord uses government to judge those who do evil (Rom. 13:4).

We can see how God uses police and the justice system to control crime and prevent disorder.
Paul even went so far as to call political leaders God’s ministers (Rom. 13:6) whom He uses for our well-being.

pray for our leadersThe Roman emperor Nero was ruthlessly persecuting Christians and condemning many of them to death at the time Paul wrote this letter to Timothy.

Yet, Paul emphasized the importance of Christians praying for those who were in authority over them, regardless of their conduct.

It is the same in today’s times.
As we pray for world leaders, as well as for our local officials, we can be sure our prayers will have an effect upon their actions, whether the men themselves are godly or evil.

The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord as the rivers of water:  He turneth it whither so ever He will (Pro. 21:1).

fatherStrange as it may seem, the Scriptures record occasions when God even used wicked rulers to accomplish His purposes.
God may do this for many reasons.
Sometimes, it is to pronounce judgment on a nation.

Other times, it may take an evil leader to wake a nation up to its complacency.
Even other times, God may be trying to steer the nation in another direction and it took this leader to do that.
We often waste a lot of effort trying to figure out what God is doing when it is not in His plan for us to know.

At times, He may reveal what He is doing, but not always.
For My thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord (Is. 55:8).

The child of God has an amazing power in his hands in the form of prayer.
prayingThis refers not only for himself and his own loved ones and other Christians, but as well for those who do not know the Lord.

” The questions is, how well or how much are we using this power of prayer as praying for our Government?”


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