The CSF man – Predhuman Dhar figures in Great People of Jammu & Kashmir

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Jammu & Kashmir, May 7, 2012: “The great people of Jammu and Kashmir”, a 440- page book authored by Surjit Singh and published by Intellectual Publishers, Jammu contains 56 articles on different topics related to Jammu and Kashmir. Besides, it contains 162 profiles of individuals and 57 great men of yesteryears. It is a matter of pride for the Catholic Church of the Jammu and Kashmir State that a write-up on “Catholic Church in Jammu and Kashmir” written by, Mr. Predhuman K. Joseph Dhar, figures in the book. The book, says that Mr. Joseph Dhar is a journalist of repute whose articles are published in various journals and newspapers in India and abroad. The reader comes to know about the scholarship, literary acumen, and interpretive bent of mind of the author of the articles.

The book reveals that the author has a deep sense of history. Predhuman K. Joseph Dhar, after his forced migration from Kashmir in 1990 has been actively involved in carrying to every household the message of Christian love through his writings which so far has numbered over 4700. It was through his writings that the people of Jammu and Kashmir State came to know about Christian faith and Christianity. His articles have also covered social, political, economic, philosophical and religious issues. He figures in the “Encyclopedia of the Kashmiri Pandits” and “WHO IS WHO”, published by the American Biographical Institute, Carolina-USA. He has phenomenal memory and recites verses from the scriptures effortlessly. It is a matter of pride for the entire Catholic Christian Community of the Jammu and Kashmir State that the book talks about Joseph Dhar’s commendable contribution to the civil society and the Catholic Church. He has won State and national awards for his objective writings and contribution to the field of Education.

 The Door Darshan Kashmir has telecast a 28 minute documentary titled “Shehil Kul” (Shady Tree) on Joseph Dhar recently. He has written scripts for many documentaries telecast over Door Darshan Srinagar chief among them being “ Aurat Yahan Aur Vahan” ( Women here as there- In India and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).and “Paet Kum” (Silk Worm) He has translated the Holy Bible into Kashmiri which was released by the Apostolic Nuncio to India, at Jammu October2.  The Kashmir Version includes the Books of the Apocryphaas well. It too him 16 years to accomplish the task and is published by the Bible Society of India. He is the Convener of Catholic Christian Forum Jammu and Kashmir and is the “defender of Faith” in this part of the country.

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