Priya Dutt, MP calls for CM to intevene *Maharashtra becoming like Chattisgarh – a police state: The CSF

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Arun FerreiraMaharashtra, November 02, 2011: The Member of Parliament from Bandra in Mumbai, Priya Dutt, where Arun Ferreira hails from, has urged the chief minister, Prithviraj Chavan to intervene in the case after a representation from The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF), the activist community NGO, which is to come up for hearing today. In a letter to the chief minister, she writes that Arun Ferreira despite being exonerated by the courts is being held captive in Nagpur Jail and she would appreciate Prithviraj Chavan doing the best he could to remedy the situation.

Joseph Dias, The CSF general secretary in a memorandum to the CM says “the serious and blatant violation of human rights by the Maharashtra Police and is reminiscent of the notorious Binayak Sen and Soni Sori cases.  Almost every human rights activist and NGO, besides almost 5000 of the aam admi have signed an online petition to free him. Surely, he is not the kind that would flee the country. We believe; if he is found guilty, let the law take its course, as the case will be fought legally”. The CSF is awaiting today’s hearing outcome and will decide on its course of action.

“Maharashtra runs the risk of being turned into another Chattisgarh going by the reason why Arun Ferreira was arrested – being a maoist / naxalite ‘sympathizer’ and has been in jail for almost over 4 years, despite no conviction and acquittals in as many as 8 cases. Even his advocates and family, which includes his over 70 years old parents, were not spared and manhandled, when the police rearrested him again on trumped up charges. Ours is fast becoming a police state, where even in the murder of Keenan Santos & Reuben Fernandes cases, the culpability of the police is suspect”, Joseph Dias, The CSF general secretary added.

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