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Mizoram People ForumManipur, June 28, 2012: All India Christian Council condemns the recommendation by Indigenous People Forum to introduce the Manipur Freedom of Religion, the anti conversion law. Various national and international human rights forums have termed that Anti Conversion Bills are draconian laws that violate fundamental and constitutional rights of fellow citizens.

The anti conversion law was recommended during one day workshop on Lure and Proselytization and Constitutional Interpretation of Freedom of Religion organised by Indigenous People’s Forum at Imphal on June 24.

Manipur has suffered enough from draconian law for six decades and the state cannot afford at any cost to have another draconian law. All India Christian Council will oppose any forces attempting to turn Manipur into any other state where Hindutva forces operate.

The anti conversion laws in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh have been misused by Hindutva forces to harassed minorities. The innocent members of minority religions have been harassed under the draconian laws. The religious fanatic groups in the state of Manipur are targeting to harass the innocent members of minorities.

All India Christian Council believes that hidden tactic of Hindutva forces could be behind the ideology of Indigenous People’s Forum attempting to bring the anti conversion law. The Christian Council cautions the people of Manipur to be alert the tactic of Hindutva forces that attempt to destroy the peace and harmony of the community. The Hindutva forces have poisoned the social fabrics of community peace and harmony within the states of Gujarat and Orissa.

The freedom of religion is the fundamental and constitutional rights of every Indian citizen, which is also guaranteed by Universal Declaration of United Nation on fundamental rights. Everybody has rights to choose and reject the religion he or she likes. The Christian Council condemns any individual or groups involved in lure, force, and fraudulent conversion.

– aicc release

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