Protest pic of Jesus with cigarette and beer in his hands

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Protest pic of Jesus with cigarette and beer in his handsThe CSF has taken up the issue of Kannada Prabha newspaper publishing the alongside objectionable picture, following an outcry from the community lead by Fr. Ronnie Prabhu, BG Koshy and has called for an apology. MFSR – Justice Michael Saldanha ( Retd after stints in the Bombay and Karnataka High Courts ) has written the letter to the Police Commissioner and we are awaiting action. We will keep you briefed on the developments.

Your brother in Christ – Joseph Dias

MFSR’s Letter to The Bangalore Commissioner of Police

The publication by The Editor of Kannada Prabha newspaper having its Office at No.1, Queens Road, Bangalore – 560 001, of a picture of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette in one hand and a glass of beer on the other in the issue dated 13th December 2012, is not only highly offensive but it is also extremely provocative to the members of the Catholic Community. The picture that has been used is one of the most sacred to the Catholics and goes by the name of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The deliberate perversion of this very holy image which is not only sacred but extremely dear to every Catholic, has been done in order to incite communal disharmony.

The Editor of this Paper – Vishweshwar Bhat was formerly the Editor of the Vijaya Karnataka Newspaper which was rabidly communal and specialized in the publication of hate articles against the Catholic Community and the Christians in general. Newspaper Circles indicated that the Times of India Group did not approve of this communal activity and Bhat was asked to leave. Whether or not this is a fact is irrelevant because the Kannada Prabha, after Bhat has taken over has started following the same anti-communal policy that he was propagating as editor of the Vijaya Karnataka.

This is the Christmas season which is very special to Catholics and the deliberate desecration of the picture of the Sacred Heart is intended to provoke the members of the Catholic community by insulting them. This is a cognizable offence and I am formally calling upon you to take immediate action according to Law against this man and against the publication as it would otherwise lead to a serious Law and Order situation.
Time is of the essence and immediate action is required.

Sd /-

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