Ravenhill on revival & prayer

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Ravenhill on Revival & Prayer

Revival is God’s Sovereign Mercy

“In the Acts of the Apostles 3:19 we read,

 “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.”

Whatever else we say about revival we have to recognize this, that revival is an act of mercy in the sovereignty of God.

There is a vast difference between revival and evangelism.

When we speak of revival in America we think of church advertising, “Our revival will begin next Sunday night at a certain time and it is going to finish the next Sunday night at a certain time.” Obviously this is something purely mechanical, it is something which men have engineered.

I think that one of the offenses of revival, in the historic sense, is that it cannot be organized. As Doctor Tozer said, “

When revival comes it changes the moral climate of a community.”

Revival Defined

Ravenhill on Revival & Prayer
The very word “revive” presupposes life.

You can only revive what has already had vitality – life that has become sick, weak, or apathetic. I think the nearest analogy I can give you is a recent case of a man who apparently drowned. He had been under the water for an incredible amount of time. Then somebody pulled him out and worked and worked on him, and eventually life came again.

This is actually what it means to revive, it means to revitalize. It means to restore lost power. It means to recover lost energy.
Ravenhill on Revival & Prayer

Do You Want to See Revival?

 “I can give you one simple reason why we don’t have revival in America. Because we’re content to live without it. We’re not seeking God – we’re seeking miracles, we’re seeking big crusades, we’re seeking blessings.

In Numbers 11, Moses said to God,

“You’re asking me to carry a burden I can’t handle. Do something or kill me!”

Do you love America enough to say, “God, send revival or kill me”? Do you think it’s time we changed Patrick Henry’s prayer from, “Give me liberty or give me death,” to “Give me revival or let me die”?

In the 30th chapter of Genesis, Rachael goes to Jacob and throws herself down in despair. She says, “Give me children or else I die.” Are you willing to throw yourself down before God to seek the spiritual birth of spiritual children in our country?

We need to get like this woman, Hannah.

What did she do? She wept, she was grieved, she said she had a complaint, she fasted – and she prayed.
Ravenhill on Revival & Prayer

Revival is Costly

“In an old town in Ireland they’ll show you with reverence a place where four young men met night after night after night praying for revival. In Wales, there’s a place in the hills where three or four young men only 18 or 19 years old met and prayed night after night. They wouldn’t let God go; they would not take no for an answer.

As far as humanly possible they prayed a revival into birth.

 If you’re thinking of revival at your church without any inconvenience, forget it. Revival costs a lot. ”
Ravenhill on Revival & Prayer

100 Year Prayer Meeting

“There’s a date in history that I love very much. It was Wednesday, August 13, 1737. A little group of people in Moravia were waiting in a prayer meeting. At 11:00 suddenly the Holy Spirit came.

Do you know what happened?

 The prayer meeting that began at 11:00 lasted 100 years! That’s right.

 That prayer room was not empty for a century! It’s the longest prayer among men and women that I know of. Even children six and seven years old travailed in prayer for countries the names of which they couldn’t even spell.”

Agonizing in Prayer for Revival
Ravenhill on Revival & Prayer

“I don’t think the world has ever been in a greater sense of turmoil than it is in this moment. I don’t think our nation has. Whatever we shall say about revival we have to recognize this:

There are three things about natural life: conception, gestation, and birth. You can’t alter the program.

There has never been revival, that I can trace, that has not been preceded by agonizing prayer. You might say, “I haven’t got to that stage yet of agonizing prayer. How does is come?”

Well, it comes through VISION.

If we are really going to get a concept of revival we have to get a vision of God’s sorrow over sin.

We have to get a concept of how, day by day, we offend God. As a nation we offend God in millions of ways.”

Ravenhill on Revival & Prayer
Come on Let’s start Praying…… Without Prayer we can’t see what we expect…


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