Rejoice when falsely accused

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Falsely accusedWe live in a society where there are lots of possibilities to get accused falsely. The victims of such accusations may be totally innocent. But these days, it is possible to fabricate false evidences using modern technology. Though it is criminal offense, the technology of morphing in order to present the victims as guilty is prevalent.

Even a person’s voice can be duplicated in such a way that those who listen can easily make false conclusions even when the victim is actually innocent. Such evidences are carefully examined in the law courts. Sometimes, it is difficult to differentiate between true and false evidences.

Let me share an incident that the chief justice of a high court in a particular country shared with me.  It was a case of imposing death penalty. In that country, death penalty can be imposed for drug trafficking.

The border police received an anonymous telephone call saying that a particular individual who was driving a car by himself (he gave the car registration number) kept hidden, a container full of heroin. He told them that, the steel container was attached to the underneath of the car by a magnet. The police tracked and stopped the car.

Falsely accusedThey asked the driver whether he had any hidden drugs in the car. The person was surprised to hear such a question from the police as he had nothing to with drugs and so said no. But the police man asked the individual to cooperate with him and lift the car, and to the person’s surprise, the steel container filled with heroin was pulled out.

The offender who was innocent, was unfortunately arrested. Five minutes after the person was caught for drug offense, the police received another phone call from the same informer. The police thanked him and told him about the success of the operation.

The chief justice told me that he ‘saw’ a hidden scheme behind this ‘judicial murder’. On investigation he found that it was planned by the driver’s business rival in order to get the benefit of a large amount of money from a partnership deal in business.

He wanted this man out of his way and almost succeeded. The chief justice would have been helpless in saving the life of this innocent victim but for the second phone call. The case took a different turn when the culprit’s intention in making the second call was examined.

Falsely accusedFalse accusations may come in various ways. Justice is often denied due to un explainable reasons. How can we cope with false accusations? The antidote is given in the Bible. It says, “rejoice, because your reward in heaven is great”.

This means, when others make accusations, we get the reward! Instead of holding on to grudges and bitterness towards people who do all kinds of things against us, we can praise God for them. We will then be free inside and can enjoy the peace of God in the middle of such storms in life.

We can expect more harassment and victimization if we are involved in services to uplift the poor and needy. There are many who exploit the needy and amass wealth. When such evil doers find that our sincere services come in the way of satisfying their greed, they are likely to get rid of us and harm us directly or indirectly. We need to realize that bearing such false accusations and persecutions are also a part and parcel of our services.

Rejoice when falsely accusedWe see in the Holy Scriptures that, “if men speak against you, they will become ashamed of themselves for falsely accusing you when you have only done what is good” (1 Peter 3:16 TLB). We also see that taking such suffering patiently is included in our calling (1 Peter 2:20, 21).

We must be extremely careful not to commit moral mistakes, i.e. ‘mistake of the heart’ as well as not to have a marred conscience. We must “strive for a clear conscience before God and man” (Acts: 24:16). Let us keep rejoicing irrespective of our circumstances.

– george samuel

Deuteronomy 28:13

Three names of Man


– fwd: vc mathews

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