Report: ISIS filling moats with oil as battle for Mosul looms

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Mosul, October 13, 2016: Signals on the ground suggest the retaking of Mosul from ISIS terrorists is imminent, and in their desperate attempt to ward off “infidels” they are resorting to nefarious, medieval stratagems.

Christian ministries in the region are bracing for a massive humanitarian crisis resulting from the battle for Iraq’s second-largest city — still containing over a million people.

“We believe it’s going to happen very soon, because it’s already started,” a ministry director 59 miles from Mosul told Christian Aid Mission. “It will affect the whole city. Most of them are going to be driven out, because it’s going to be a tough war. There are a lot of ISIS fighters there, and they’re preparing.”

Men and boys have been coerced to take up arms and have been installing a plethora of defenses.

“The estimated 3,500 to 5,000 ISIS fighters are also believed to have filled moats on the city’s perimeter with oil, which when set on fire would send up clouds of smoke to reduce visibility for attacking bombers,” the ministry director reported.

Military personnel have been massing in the area, including the Iraqi army, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, 5,000 U.S. troops and, to a lesser extent, Popular Mobilization Forces. They have begun liberating smaller villages surrounding Mosul.

“The people who flee will be somebody who’s seen their husbands or kids killed or their daughters enslaved,” the director said. “We need to show them something different from how they lived under Islam.”

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