Right-wing group storms church, disrupts marriage prayer meeting in MP

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Madhya Pradesh, March 1, 2017: Activists of a right-wing organisation stormed into a church in Madhya Pradesh and disrupted a prayer meeting alleging that a Hindu boy was being converted there to solemnise his wedding with a Christian girl.

The members of the Hindu Vahini left only after being convinced that no conversion or marriage was taking place in the church in Shivpuri.

The girl’s family told the activists that only a prayer meeting was being held there, which would be following by a dinner.

The marriage of the duo would be held at the Arya Samaj temple in Ujjain on March 13, the bride’s family told the activists and showed them the wedding card to pacify them.

Town inspector Sanjay Dixit said the incident was the outcome of some confusion.

“Members of the Hindu Vahini had come to us alleging that a forced conversion was taking place. A police team accompanied them to the church and the charges were found to be untrue. No case has been lodged,” he said.

Religious conversion through force, allurement and fraudulent means are prohibited under the Madhya Pradesh Dharma Swatantrya Adhiniyam (Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act). To change religion without informing the authorities is also punishable under the Act.

Bhopal Archbishop Dr Leo Cornelio and the Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) last year alleged that the Act had often been misused to target the minority community.

– hindustan times

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One Response to “Right-wing group storms church, disrupts marriage prayer meeting in MP”
  1. Denis khan says:

    The Church Hierarchy should take a leaf out of this incident, and solve the vexed problem of alleged conversions which result in persecution of the Minorities, by organizations which are controlled by hard wing right liners.
    A conversion is not valid if it is induced by ‘freebies’ in any form. The Holy Father should also endorse this. God Has No Interest in numerical majoritarianism.
    This approach can also solve the vexed Kandhamal issue, where hundreds of Christians languish in poverty, despite the comprehensive report of the Nirmala Institute of Social Science.

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