Roadblocks in the plans . . .

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I had carefully worked out a schedule for the day. I was going to get everything I needed to done. After all, I had a system and a plan.

But God had an entirely different plan. Nothing went the way I had anticipated. In fact, I finally had to abandon my schedule entirely. At the time, I felt frustrated and upset at the unexpected roadblocks in my plans. But looking back, I can see God lovingly orchestrating my day. He had many blessings in store for me that I would have missed had I followed my own schedule.

We all experience days where our plans go awry. Sometimes it seems everything and everyone is out to keep us from our tasks. We need to remember that these unwanted roadblocks in our plans are really opportunities to trust. God wants us to leave our deadlines and schedule in His hands. He knows what we need to get done better than we do. He also knows what is truly important for us each day. And what He considers important may not match up with our own human priorities.

How about you? Are you missing out on the blessing of knowing and trusting God because of a preoccupation with your “to do” list? Like Martha, are you so worried about getting everything done that you are failing to simply sit at God’s feet like Mary?

I would like to encourage you to leave your cares and plans at God’s feet, and flow with the changes He brings to your life. As you surrender, you will experience the joy of letting the King of kings plan your days. What greater person could you have in charge than God Himself?

– christian perspective

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