MP: RSS Activists Attack Pastors in Ratlam

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RSS Activists Attack Pastors in Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh – Police Involvement Suspected.

RSS Activists Attack Pastors in RatlamMadhya Pradesh, December 1, 2012: Pastor Sarath Pargy, 35, hails from Badodiya Village in Ratlam District of M.P. and Pastor Govind Meida, 31, hails from, Mirasgatty Village in Ratlam District of M.P. Pastor Sarath is working for the India Bible Translation Ministry and Pastor Govind is working as a pastor for the Gospel Church.

On Friday, 30-11-2012, Pastor Govind arranged for a prayer meeting at Boothpada Village in Ratlam District at the residence of a believer named Nanna Meida. The prayer meeting commenced in the morning at about 9.30 AM and got over at 2.30 PM. Pastor Sarath was the guest speaker.

Just as the prayer meeting got over and the two pastors and the believers who had participated at the meeting were leaving the place, 4 police constables suddenly appeared on the scene and ordered them to stop the meeting and leave the place. Within a few minutes about 20 RSS workers also came and started to shout at the pastors and the believers and began abusing them using very filthy language. They also supposed to have used very derogatory remarks about Jesus Christ.

In the meantime Pastor Sarath and Pastor Govind together left the place and went away on a motor bike. The RSS workers also immediately followed them. When the believers and some of the pastors also wanted to follow the RSS fellows, the policemen, it is learnt, did not let them go, and told them that nothing would happen.

The whole thing seems to have been set up by the RSS activists in connivance with the policemen as the Hindu fundamentalists attacked the two pastors on their way home and beat them up very badly. Pastor Sarath was wounded on his head, face and many other parts of his body. Later, the believers who came to their rescue took Pastor Sarath to a hospital in Bajana. As the condition of the pastor was very bad, the doctor advised them to take him to a bigger hospital and accordingly they took him to Ratlam about 50 kms from the village and got him admitted to the Ratlam Government Hospital. Please pray for Pastor Sarath Pargy.


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