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hindutvaKarnataka, March 05, 2012: Hindutvas interrupt Sunday service and dragged the pastor and his wife to prison. This is the second time the community is attacked. Police is in league with extremists and the BJP, which rules the state. Since the start of the year, six anti-Christian attacks have occurred. In 2011, they were 49.

Another attack was perpetrated against a Christian church in Karnataka, the sixth since the start of the year. Yesterday, about 30 Hindu extremists burst into the New Life Pentecostal Church of Ankola, North Kanara District, disrupting the ongoing Sunday service, and insulted those present.

After seizing Rev K Manohar, they accused him of proselytising and forced conversion of Hindus to Christianity. After beating him, they dragged him and his wife to the Ankola police station. Thanks to the intervention of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), she was released around 8 pm, but the clergyman remained in custody on charges “of offending religious sentiments.” This is the second time Rev Manohar has been attacked. Nothing has been done against radicals who break the law, violate the privacy of people’s home and attack innocent people.

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Hindu Radicals Disturb a Night Vigil in Bangalore


Hindu Radicals Disturb a Night Vigil in BangaloreKarnataka, March 05, 2012: Vijayanagar, Bangalore: Miss Parimala (36) and Miss Padmavathi (35) belong to the Mahima Prarthana Mandira – an independent church at Vijayanagar in Bangalore. Both are of Hindu background and 12 years ago they became Christians. Four years back, they took a house on rent from one Mr. Prashanth at Vijayanagar in Bangalore and began conducting their prayer services regularly every Sunday. They have a total congregation of about 60 believers. They have been also visiting different houses in Vijayanar area and spreading the message of the gospel, interacting and distributing Christian tracts.

Once a month they have been also organizing an all night prayer vigil on a Saturday. Accordingly, last Saturday ( 3-3-12) they were having their night vigil service. But at about 11 pm, about 20 Hindu radicals forced themselves into the prayer meeting and crudely tackled them, alleging that they are forcibly converting people to Christianity and that they must stop their prayer services immediately. They also abused them using very obscene language and then complained to the Vijayanagar police station.

Soon an Inspector from the police station visited the place, along with a couple of constables and took them to task scolding and abusing them using very rude language. They also ordered them to stop their prayer vigil and report themselves to the police station the next morning. In the meantime the GCIC intervened with the senior police officers and got them released. The two ladies had to give an undertaking in writing that they wouldn’t visit houses and distribute tracts hence forth and also that they would not conduct their night vigils.


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