5 lakh for Muslim, 2 lakh for Christian family to switch to Hinduism: Dharm Jagran Manch details cost

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letterNew Delhi, December 11, 2014: Just how much does it cost to get someone to change their religion? If the Dharm Jagran Manch is to be believed, its costs Rs 5 lakh for a Muslim family and Rs 2 lakh for a Christian family to switch to Hinduism.

These figures have been given by Rajeshwar Singh, a leader of Dharm Jagran Manch, in a letter he sent out as part of the preparations for the planned mass conversion in Aligarh on Christmas.

On being asked about the figures, the Agra unit chief’s defense was that money was required for any event.

Upon further questioning he bristled up and said that the media had no right to question him. “You are not the law or judiciary, investigating is not your job. Why should I answer your questions? Are you giving me something? I don’t consider the media to be anything,” he snapped at the reporter.

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