‘Satanic Worship’ in Northeast India- superstition or reality?

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Northeast India, April 6, 2017: Devil or the Satan were entities who were once feared for their sins and looked down upon. However, times seem to have changed as youth seem to be more influenced by the devil’s fetishes and the charm, all thanks to social media and television series and the manner in which the devil or the satan is portrayed. Instances of devil worship are seen from many parts of Northeast India and reports of the same have been gaining gradual momentum.

In a similar case, Christian groups in India’s northeastern state of Nagaland are working to quell the rapid growth of Satanism after reports that thousands of teenagers from churches had taken up devil worship in recent months. As per a 2013 Huffington post report, the Vatican’s Fides news agency reported that more than 3,000 young “worshipers of Satan” have been identified in Nagaland’s capital of Kohima alone.

In what may be termed as an act of ‘Satanic Worshipping’ recently this act took place in Kohima village whereby a young man tried to kill a Praise and Worship Leader.

In a press statement issued by Transformation Crusade team convenor, Khotuo Yaotsu and secretary Khriehuzo Lohe, stated that Neilavilie Solo, son of late Joseph Solo of Kohima Village, a ‘satanic worshiper’ attempted on the life of their Praise and Worship leader on March 26, at around 8 p.m. at Kohima Local Ground.

The accused said he was sent by higher authorities to complete the mission i.e to kill the leader of the Praise and worship Group. Luckily the leader of the group managed to escape as when he saw the accused took out a pistol,the leader ran toward the crowd and escaped. “The accused was taken to our office and we prayed for him, talked with him and gave him counselling. We confirmed about his activities as satanic worshipper,” stated the Transformation Crusade team.

While condemning the devilish act, the team earnestly appealed to every Christian irrespective of denominations, tribes, groups and civil societies to fervently pray for God’s protection and also to counter the evil spiritual forces that is prevalent in the society.

As per a report from worthy news, in the year 2000, religious leaders in the predominantly Christian state of Mizoram had asked police to investigate incidents of Satan worship involving teenagers, a trend that some officials blame on television shows about the paranormal and the occult.  “This is not good for our society or any society,” said the Reverend Vanalalrhuajwa of the Presbyterian Church Synod in Mizoram.

Even in Meghalaya, the arrest of five youths in 2014, who were allegedly practising “devil worship” in West Garo Hills district was not an isolated case. There were indicators that the Satanic cult advocates are prevalent in the Meghalaya capital as well.

This act has been going on in and around Northeast India but much attention was never given to it. In the 21st century, where technology has taken over the minds of youth, the devil somehow seems to be more appealing to young minds than the gods. Call it the influence of various TV series or movies that foster the Devil as a daring entity, the cases of Devil worship have now influenced the digital youth online and to combat them, will be a difficult task.

– the north east today

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