Saved by Prayer

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Irmgard Wood was a young girl living in Germany during World War II, and she tells the following story.

American planeOne morning her mother and sisters saw an American plane receive a hit, and fall in flames. Irmgard’s mother instinctively whispered a prayer for the pilot, even though he was one of the ‘enemy.’

Years later, the Wood family emigrated to America. The mother got a job in a hospital in California. One day a patient, knowing she was German asked her what part of Germany she was from. When she said Stuttgart, he told her he had a miraculous escape over Stuttgart during the war when his plane was hit and fell off the sky in flames….

“I got out in time, and I just don’t know how I did it, because I can never remember the details. To this day I am convinced that there was somebody praying for me.”

Some of the greatest movements for good in the history of the world are brought about by the quiet prayers of totally unknown people.

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Saved by Prayer

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