School stops Arabic classes after pressure from Hindu hardliners

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Karnataka, August 8, 2016: A Catholic school in India has suspended teaching Arabic and Urdu, so to avoid further problems from Hindu hardliners who barged onto the school’s premises July 30 to protest the teaching of these languages, reports the Times of India.

After meeting with parents and villagers Aug. 6, the management from St. Thomas Aided Higher Primary School, in a village near the southern city of Mangalore, decided to stop the language classes because of pressure from the Sri Rama Sena activists.

According to the media reports 50 Hindu hardliners invaded the school grounds and interrupted classes protesting that languages were been “forcibly” taught to students. Police has subsequently arrested 16 of the hardliners for trespassing.

Management says that the classes were offered to students to assist with their future employment prospects. Urdu and Arabic are languages that are usually associated with the Muslim community.

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2 Responses to “School stops Arabic classes after pressure from Hindu hardliners”

    Silly!! In these times a Catholic school offering language classes that will actually help the ISIS? Foolhardy bums of Saint Thomas! What future prospects are they referring to? Is the gulf all they have in mind? Stop fooling around please.

  2. vikram says:

    congrats to those who came and stopped arabic teaching in catholic school. these Catholics have no strong faith. their only agenda is to build buildings and institutions and their priests and bishops live a life of luxury. what nonsense, instead of teaching bible they have gone to the extent of pleasing the muslims.

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