Security agents stationed at Iranian churches to frighten people away

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Iran, October 10, 2012: State security agents have been permanently stationed at two churches in Esfahan, Iran, in the latest effort by the Islamic regime to frighten people off Christianity.

 The agents constantly interfere in the activities of St Luke’s and St Paul’s, and harass those present.
They order the pastors around and stop church elders from talking to Muslim seekers. They also try to frighten away visitors by warning them of dire consequences if they continue attending, and create tension among the members by spreading false rumours.

The children of church members are also threatened and often forbidden from attending.
To ensure that none of St Luke’s and St Paul’s activities escape the Islamic regime’s attention, listening devices have been installed in public buildings next to the churches.

Additionally, the pastor of St Luke’s has been ordered by the agent stationed at his church to provide personal details, including contact information and photocopies of ID cards, of all those who enter the building.

Each person has subsequently been put under surveillance, called in for interrogation and warned about the consequences for their future if they continue to be associated with the church or Christianity.

This campaign of harassment by the Islamic authorities is not confined to churches in Esfahan. Similar tactics have been deployed at the central Assemblies of God church in Tehran.
The Iranian regime is determined to destroy the long-standing Church in the country, but their ever-intensifying efforts seem to have only the opposite effect as many Muslims continue to turn to Christ. 

– barnabas team

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