Seeking in the wrong places

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Have you ever looked all over for something only to discover it was right next to you all along? If so, then you can relate to the surprise I felt the other day when I discovered a missing pair of jeans hanging nice and neatly in my closet. For several weeks I had been looking everywhere for those jeans. I had looked in the wash, on the ironing rack, under the bed, and even in everyone else’s closets. Yet all the time they had been right there in my closet.

It occurred to me that we tend to go on similar fruitless searches spiritually. The Bible tells us that Christ is all we need. He is like that pair of jeans, waiting right there for us. Yet we often forget this and search for our spiritual needs elsewhere, don’t we?

I know I frequently find myself seeking joy in finishing projects or in improving my circumstances. Or perhaps I might try to muster up the strength I need to get through the day on my own. Yet all the time the joy and strength I seek is right there in Christ. He’s waiting in my closet, so to speak-waiting for me to simply look to Him.

As we approach a new year, instead of seeking to reform ourselves, may we all simply come humbly to the King of kings. His arms are always wide open.

“Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28 NIV

– christian perspective

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