Serious attack on Christians in Orissa – 20 Christians seriously wounded – Their dependants flee for their lives

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Orissa, June 16, 2012: A diabolic plan on the lines of Kandhamal attacks seems to be brewing in Balasore District of Orissa. Evangelist Baidhar, a 50 year old Prayer Fellowship Leader was waylaid and ruthlessly attacked by a group of armed Hindu fanatics and seriously wounded on Friday, 15th June 2012, in Mitrapur Village of Makhapada Block in Balasore District of Orissa while he was returning home after a prayer meeting in a believer’s residence in the village. The Evangelist left on the road profusely bleeding was rescued by the believers and was taken to the nearby hospital for necessary medical treatment.

When the radicals learnt that the evangelist was rescued by the believers in the village, a group of about 50 Hindu extremists mounted an attack on the entire group of about 12 Christian families at 8.30 in the evening the same day, causing serious injuries to about 20 believers. They also ransacked their houses and beat up all the believers, both young and old, and also tried to molest some of the young women folk including the tearing of their clothes etc. The tragic fall-out of the incident was that the members of their families fled from the village in order to save themselves, and their whereabouts are not known till now. It is apprehended that like after the Kandhamal incident in 2008, all of them must be hiding somewhere in the jungles.

The GCIC at Bhubaneswar, which received this information only on the 16th June morning, contacted the persons concerned, arranged to rescue Baidhar and others, and took them to the Nilgiri Police Station and lodged a complaint against the culprits and also got in touch with the S.P. The S.P. has assured to take stringent measures against all the perpetrators and he has also passed orders to immediately arrest them. GCIC is keeping track and further trying to rescue others who are lost and are hiding in the Jungles. The Police are also guarding the place and are searching for the culprits.

Another recent development was on 10.06.2012, when the Brahmagiri police of Puri District seized more than 50 hand bombs and 12 dynamites from a hut in Gambhari village of Brahmagiri Block and on the arrival of the Police, the miscreants had fled. The seized live bombs were brought to the Brahmagiri police station to be defused. The intelligence as well as the media report available to GCIC was that these explosives were collected and kept ready there as preparation for another ant-Christian riot in Orissa in a short while on the lines of 2008 Kandhamal riots.


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