Short stories in Punjabi, to promote Christian values and common good

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Christian values and common goodPakistan, February 11, 2012: Fr. Mukhtar Alam has published a volume of stories of his mother. Stories that give “light” to those who are in the “dark” and teach the common good. At presentation, near the cathedral of Faisalabad, intellectuals, writers and leaders of the Church of Pakistan Muslim.

Faisalabad (AsiaNews) – Short stories that speak of Christian doctrine, that teach the common good and reflect the writer’s love for all humanity. This, in brief, the contents of the latest book in Punjabi, written by Fr. Mukhtar Alam and presented in recent days to Sohn Joseph Hall of Faisalabad, opposite the Catholic Cathedral, in the presence of authors, poets, priests, catechists, nuns, teachers and representatives of civil society. The volume entitled “Bay Nooran Chon Noor” – light for those in dark – it has been widely lauded by critics and the public because, says Fr. Aftab James Paul, director of the Commission for Interreligious Dialogue, it contains stories that “promote the teachings” of the Church.

Speaking at the presentation, Fr. Khalid Rasheed Asi – vicar general of Faisalabad – stressed the “huge contribution” of Christian authors to the literary history of Pakistan. He explains that the book is based on “short stories” and “criticizes bad behaviour in society” and, on the contrary, they promote “correct choices”, the stories of animals, he adds, are told “by metaphors” to teach us how to live “in peace and free from violence and discrimination.”

Speaking to AsiaNews Fr. Alam, author, poet and Christian writer, recalls that he “heard all the stories mentioned in the book from my mother, in childhood”, and has tried to relay her presence through his writing. Through these tales, he hopes that “readers will respect diversity and will bring positive changes in the ways and attitudes” toward all mankind and in particular “marginalized groups”.

Parveen Malik, a Muslim writer from Lahore, said that the work of Fr. Mukhtar Alam is a “tribute to the native Punjabi language” and promotes the culture in a “nice combination of love, peace and harmony.” Sumaira Sehar, a Muslim writer and friend, resident of Faisalabad, confirms that in this book the author has been able to “describe society in the right way.” Najeeb Ali Shah of Peshawar agrees emphasizing the role of writers “in uniting different communities”. Finally, Allama Ghulam Rasool Asif thanks Fr. Alam for “the bitter description” of a world where intolerance and violence persist against those of different opinions, faith and languages.

– shafique khokhar

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