Shuddhi (cleansing) for converts from Islam & Christianity to Hinduism?

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Back to VedasNew Delhi, December 4, 2011: Emails announcing an all expenses paid for travel and stay from any part of the world, by Agniveer, for those desiring Shuddhi from Islam & Christianity, which is a initiation ceremony into the Vedic (read Hindu) way of life. Talk about conversion by inducement? The Shuddhi event is for converts from Islam and Christianity only,
details of which are available at  and are self explanatory – Joseph Dias.

Agniveer is organizing a special event in Haridwar in last week of December (Dec 23 to Dec 30, 2011) on occasion of martyrdom of legendary Swami Shradhanand who was the father of Shuddhi movement that brought millions back to Vedic aka Hindu fold. To pay our homage to this great personality, we are organizing a special program of Shuddhi (purification) Yajna for those who belong(ed) to Semitic cults like Christianity and Islam.

Agniveer cordially invites all who have embraced Vedic Dharma/ Hinduism from Christianity and Islam or intend to do so to experience a formal traditional ritual to mark their entry into the spiritual way of Vedas.

All expenses for travel and stay from any part of the world for entire family shall be borne by Agniveer.

For the needy ones, who would be missing their salary due to leaves, adequate compensation shall also be provided.

Additional attractions of the event would be sight-seeing tour of scenic Haridwar and nearby exotic locations of the grand Himalayas. You would have the rare opportunity to interact with eminent scholars of Vedas to clarify any doubts and share their wisdom. Special sessions on Vedic concepts, Yog and Meditation shall also be conducted.

Those having security concerns would be provided adequate anonymity and protection.

Those willing to work as pracharaks (missionaries) of Vedas among different cults would be offered exciting remuneration opportunities!

Do not miss this historic opportunity to join together with so many lovers of Vedic Dharma in the city of spiritualism, interact with the experts, master Yoga and have an experience of lifetime!

You can also send details on behalf of others who may not be able to use internet or email. Our team shall contact you with further details.

Please note that this program is specifically for Islam and Christianity. Similar programs for other cults shall be organized later.

If you know someone who should be attending this event or can help maximize the number of attendees, please act as Agniveer representatives and help make the event a success.

Please also note that Vedic Dharma or Hinduism is all about rising above petty manmade divisions to embrace true spiritualism, considering entire humanity as one family and spreading message of peace and wisdom surrendering to One and Only One Supreme Lord

– agniveer

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