Six ‘Hindu Vahini’ activists arrested for attack on Muslim youths

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Attack on Muslim YouthsAndhra Pradesh, November 15, 2011: In a major crack down on the cases of attack on Muslim youths, six activists of a right wing Hindu group ‘Hindu Vahini’ were arrested by the city police. Soon after the Bakrid, there were continuous attacks on Muslim Youths in different parts of the city by which nearly eight of them were injured severely. According to the police the Hindu activists were angry at the Muslims for the alleged slaughter of cows on the eve of Bakrid. Those arrested were S Sadanand (27), Shakti Vinod(24), K Unni Krishna(23), Pabha Bhargav(21), S V Santosh (22) and P Kalyan (26), who were all either well educated or pursuing good carriers. Sadanand was earlier arrested in the communal violence cases of 2010.

The Police said that the accused on the night of November 8th assembled at Baghlingampally Park and planned to divide themselves in to three groups with the intension of carrying out attacks on two wheelers entering the Thilak Nagar Cross road using knives and iron rods. At first they stabbed Mohammed Omer Farooq near a graveyard in Nimboliadda with knives while he was on a ride with his Bike along with his friend. Irshad Hussain was the second victim as he was attacked with an iron rod at Narayanguda. The accused targeted Syed Meraj and Syed Mustaq Ali near Baghlingampally by intercepting the Tata Ace vehicle they were travelling in. A while after the midnight Azam Pasha and Idris Ansari were attacked at Balamari. Three hours later they attacked Aziz from the center point hotel in Bowenpally and soon disappeared in their Bikes.

City Police Commissioner Mr. Abdul Khayoum Khan considering the seriousness of the offence has handed it over to the Special Task Force. The task force was successful in trapping the offenders based on the descriptions provided by the victims. Police have seized three motorcycles, three iron rods, one knife and six cell phones which were used in the attacks. They are now under judicial custody for further probes.

The Muslim organizations have raised their concern over the violent activities of Hindu right wing forces in the city. They alleged that the Police were rather unwilling to bring the real culprits in front of the law by not handing over the case to the Special Investigation Team [SIT]. The cases which are grievous and communal in nature and planned to spread terror in city are under the normal circumstances, handed over to SIT.

The case was not different and handed over to the SIT during the 2010 communal riots of Hyderabad city, with the intension of effectively combating terror atmosphere. The Muslim organizations have expressed their feel that the case is not yet solved because the arrested persons are just pawns in the whole game of targeting Muslims and they believe that the real masters are still out and free planning further attacks on the innocent Muslim Youths.

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