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Goa, June 7, 2012: The ‘All India Hindu Convention’ being held at Ramnathi Devsthan, Ponda, Goa between 10th and 14th June 2012 is the first step towards establishment of Hindu Nation by bringing together all organizations working for protection of Hindu Dharma on the basis of ‘Kshatra-tej’ and ‘Brahma-tej’. This Convention will create immense enthusiasm, energy and happiness among Hindus all over the country, stated Mr. Chittaranjan Sural, national convener of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) while addressing the press conference held at Hotel Delmon. Mr. Veerendra Marathe, the trustee of Sanatan Sanstha, Mr. Ramesh Naik, the Goa State chief of Shiv Sena, advocate Mr. Ramdas Kesarkar of Mumbai High Court, Mr. Shivprasad Joshi of Hindu Mahasabha and Dr. Manoj Solanki of HJS shared the dais with Mr. Sural.

Mr. Chittaranjan Sural said further, “There are organizations working for Hinduism at different levels all over the country. The main purpose of this Convention is to bring together all these organizations at national level. This will help in extending help to a Hindu from any State who has been oppressed or if injustice done to him. Pro-Hindu organizations and Hindus from other States can go for his assistance. Unification of Hindus at national level will help in creating a ‘Hindu pressure group’ which will, in turn, affect the Government. Such attempts were made in the past but owing to mistakes committed at that time, the unification of Hindus at national level did not materialize. Learning from the mistakes made in the past, pro-Hindu organizations, Dharmacharyas, thinkers, advocates and editors etc. will come together for a ‘common point’ program on the occasion of this Convention.

Need for establishment of Hindu Nation felt as secular governance failed to look after welfare of people ! – Mr. Ramdas Kesarkar, advocate

Advocate Mr. Ramdas Kesarkar said, “The present welfare system adopted by State is based on the principle of secularism. In such State, there is no provision to impart ‘Dharma-shikshan’ to Hindus and the present rulers do not even want it. Moreover, there is always opposition to religious activities of Hindus. The present rulers are hypocrites. In the secular State, Hindus are largely targetted. There are four ‘Purusharthas’ prescribed by Hindu Dharma viz. ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’, ‘Kaam’ and ‘Moksha’; but in the presnt times, the emphasis is only on ‘Artha’ and ‘Kaam’. The position of Hindustan is ‘where there is no place for Hindus’ and it is very unfortunate; therefore, there is no alternative but to establish Hindu Nation to bring back this country’s past glory.”

Shiv Sena extends support to ‘All India Hindu Convention’ ! – Mr. Ramesh Naik, Shiv Sena

“Shiv Sena also supports establishment of Hindu Nation. Every country in the world follows some religion and Bharat is the only secular country. Here, Muslims get grants to go for ‘Haj’ pilgrimage; but Hindus get nothing for their  pilgrimage; how can this be called secularism”? Establishment of Hindu nation will, therefore, give proper direction to the development of this country,” stated Mr. Ramesh Naik, the Chief of Shiv Sena for Goa State.

Youth should come forward to make this Convention successful ! – Mr. Shivprasad Joshi, Hindu Mahasabha    
“There is not a single country in the world for Hindus; therefore, it has become difficult for Hindus to survive. The Convention scheduled at Ramnathi is taking place without obstacles because there is BJP government. Had there been Congress rule in this State; it would have been a different scenario. The youth should take part in this Convention to make it susccesful. This is the first experiment carried out in the world for establishment of Hindu Nation,” said Mr. Shivprasad Joshi of Hindu Mahasabha

Righteous governance required for protection of the country ! – Mr. Veerendra Marathe, Sanatan Sanstha

Mr. Veerendra Marathe of Sanatan Sanstha said, “The country has been struck with problems like ‘jihadi’ terrorism, naxalism and corruption. It is necessary that the country is governed in righteous manner for its protection. The present atmosphere in Bharat is not very conducive to undertake spiritual practice and to create such atmosphere, establishment of Hindu Nation is necessary. Today, the school children are taught history that covers aggressive Mughal regimes comprising of 50 pages; whereas history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is taught in 4 lines. It is very unfortunate that the Central Education Board can get pictures of Humayun and Babur but cannot get a picture of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The ‘All India Hindu Convention’ organized at Ramnathi has full support of Sanatan Sanstha. Other spiritual organizations will also take part in this Convention.”  

Extent of participation

There will be 175 leaders from 50 organisations, 10 Dharmacharyas, 20 thinkers and 20 advocates from 20 States viz. Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa, Assam, Bengal, Jharkhand, Jammu-Kashmir, Haryana, Indraprastha (New Delhi), Chandigarh, Uttara Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Gujarat taking part in the Convention.

Still no culprit for Kashmir Church fire. Fear among local Christians


Jammu and Kashmir, May 31, 2012: The police can not identify those responsible, despite the footage of security cameras. Brahmin Hindu convert to Catholicism: “The local community is left to itself, the church authorities must act.” Bishop of Jammu-Srinagar: “The situation is tense, but the Church in India strongly supports us.”

Nothing new in the case of the fire that threatened to destroy the Holy Family Church in Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir), throwing the Catholic community in fear. More than a week after the accident, the police have not yet identified the perpetrators, despite the parish priest Fr. Mathew Thomas supplying them with video from surveillance cameras. “The pictures – he explains to AsiaNews – are not clear, but the police have the opportunity to improve their quality.” According Predhuman Joseph Dhar, a Kashmiri Brahmin Hindu (Pandits) converted to Catholicism, the apparent little attention paid to the case by the authorities is an indication of the condition of “abandonment” of the Christian community by the state.

According to Dhar, the episode “should push the Church in India to open its eyes to the situation in which the Christian community lives here.” Jammu and Kashmir, the only state with a Muslim majority and its own constitution, does not recognize the ecclesiastical authorities as governmental entities. “This – says the Catholic to AsiaNews – has led the Church to believe that having three schools was sufficient as a ‘mission'”. But to educate and raise a community, he adds, “more is needed. It means encouraging and supporting the local population in particular, not only those coming from other parts of the country to work in their schools.”

For Dhar, the risk is that Christians become victims of ethnic cleansing by Islamic fundamentalists just like the pandits in the early ’90s. In 1990, he had to leave his job (head of government education), and Kashmir, and moved into Jammu. “I did not received any help, and indeed, my forced exile was minimized by many. Now, even in Jammu Catholics feel less secure; in Kashmir, they have been reduced to zero. The same  in Ladakh.”

Msgr. Elampassery Peter Celestine, Bishop of Jammu-Srinagar is less negative. “The situation is tense – he admits to AsiaNews – this is true. Catholics here are a minority and are afraid of more attacks, they worry, and feel hurt by this attack on the heart of the community. However, the Church in India strongly supports us, and is with us in finding the culprits. ”

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