The American Recession Of 1857

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How They Overcame?

How They Overcame?

When I look at history I think of another time when America faced a crisis.

The year was 1857. America was at both an economic and spiritual low.

Attendance in churches had dwindled and there was a cynicism among many concerning religion.

It was in the midst of this spiritual crisis that God gave a man a vision.

His name was Jeremiah Lanphier.

Jeremiah Lanphier

Lanphier had a vision of starting a noontime prayer meeting at a mission in Fulton Street in New York City.

He went to great lengths to advertise this prayer meeting. His first meeting was held on September 23, 1857.

When the doors opened at noon, no one seemed to come.

At half past twelve, however, the steps of one man could be heard coming up the stairs.

Soon another came and then another so that finally there was a total of six people there.

Soon the numbers of those attending the meetings increased.

By October 14th over a hundred people were coming to the prayer meetings.

Other buildings were needed to accommodate the large numbers of people coming. Churches began to open their doors, but they were not large enough as thousands began to come to these prayer meetings. By March of 1858, Burton’s Theatre which could hold up to 3,000 people was filled to overflowing

Jeremiah Lanphier

Soon firehouses, police stations, and other buildings were requested to house the prayer meetings that had spread like a wildfire in New York City.

But the prayer meetings did not stop in New York City. They spread throughout New York State, New England, and eventually across the entire nation.

Many thousands were saved during the revival of 1858.

It is interesting that this revival took place three years before the Civil War – the bloodiest war in American history.

God in His sovereignty knew that thousands of American lives would be lost and that these people needed to come to a saving knowledge of Himself.

As in those days.. so is a huge need today..

Not only for America.. but for our Nation too…


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