Vakola Concert & The CSF CHRISTmas meals and others who do so too

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A Christmas Concert at Vakola

A Christmas Concert at Church of St. Anthony, Vakola, Santacruz East, Mumbai


The CSF CHRISTmas meals and others who do so too

Snehasadan Home for Children, Andheri
The CSF campaign to feed a CHRISTmas meal to as many as possible has snowballed. We urged Christians to feed at least one orphan at Rs.100 only and we are able to feed around 500 orphans/destitute in Mumbai’s Catholic institutions alone. Over 1500 from these and such institutions remain unfed. The program which started on Christmas day will continue until the year end. The CSF also called upon others to do so in their own small way, in their localities.
Christmas lunch at Pullazhi, Trichur
Praise God ! We seem to have served as a role model with many following, as per reports reaching us. Santhwanam, the secretariat of social apostolate of the Archdiocese of Trichur served Christmas luncheon to around 2000 orphans in the district. The inmates belonging to Christian, Hindu and Muslim orphanages were given food. Dr. M. Beena IAS, Director of National Rural Health Mission inaugurated. Archbishop Dr. Mar Andrews Thazhath, Mayor I.P. Paul, Mr. P.M. Francis IAS (Hon’ble District Collector), Mr. S. Gopinath IPS (I.G. of Police), Mr. K.V. Dasan (President, District Panchayath), Mr. P. Vijayan (City Police Commissioner) and others participated.
Ray Ming's team at the Chennai Church of Christ
Above is Ray Ming’s team at the Chennai Church of Christ.
Those who would like to join us during this CHRISTmas season, in caring for the orphans and the destitute, do please get in touch with your name, email, address, etc. And we will facilitate your giving.
At every such meal, the orphans along with us, pray for you – our partners, collaborators, prayer warriors and our enemies too.
Your brother in Christ,
Joseph Dias
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