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HinduMaharashtra, January 27, 2012: The CSF protests American TV station calling Hindu deities as “weird”, saying one needs to respect all religions and not hurt sentiments of the followers of any. “Thankfully, the channel realised its folly and removed the remarks from the website. It is why we have been constantly urging very careful use of religion in common parlance, as it is a sensitive issue. Look at how the authorities are dealing with “Hosanna” which has been objectionably used” said Joseph Dias, general secretary, The CSF. If you have not as yet signed the online petition, please do so at Change Hosanna Petition:

YouTube link to show how vulgar the song Hosanna has been made into:

Chicago: An American television station in Chicago has offended the Hindu community after a sports commentary on its website used the term ‘weird’ to describe their deities. The commentary on an ice hockey match published on NBC Chicago website on Wednesday titled ‘Why a 3-1 Blackhawks Loss Isn’t So Bad’, detailing Nashville Predators beating Chicago Blackhawks 3-1, said Predators were ‘swallowing up space like some weird Hindu god’.

Nevada-based Hindu community leader Rajan Zed, in a statement on Thursday said about one billion Hindus worldwide worshipped their deities almost on a daily basis and labelling them as ‘weird’ was highly hurting their feelings. Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, demanded immediate removal of inappropriate words from the website and publication of an apology. He stressed these deities were highly revered in Hinduism and inappropriate usage of Hindu deities or concepts for commercial or other agenda was not okay as it hurt devotees. He said Hinduism was the oldest and third largest religion of the world with a rich philosophical thought.

Karnataka aicc leaders meet to face persecution


Karnataka aicc leaders meet on persecutionKarnataka, January 23, 2012: Justice Michael F.Saldanha (Retd), the Chairman of Karnataka All India Christian Council (aicc) called for all Christians to join forces unitedly to fight communal forces in the state. He said he would stand by the community, in its efforts, especially that of the aicc and build the organisation up. “We have got to be serious about what is happening in Karnataka. I see the hand of God is working and like many others in the state, I feel Christians, minorities and secular civil society in Karnataka will not tolerate communalism, as it happened to Gujarat and Orissa. It is going to be possible through the power of God which is going to work through us”, he added. Justice Saldanha said he gave full marks to the dedicated aicc team, especially those led by Rev Kumar Swamy and Rev. Anand Kumar for their hard efforts and struggles. Some of the breakthroughs were clearly visible at some of the meetings organized by aicc for persecuted pastors and victims in Mangalore and Davangere.
BG Koshy, Vice Chairman of Karnataka aicc shared his thoughs on the subject of persecution, quoting scripture from the Bible and asking the gathering to stand united at all costs for attempts were being made to divide the community and we need to guard against it. He said we needed to stand firm, as we are aware, we are standing for the truth and the right cause. He called upon all present to treat each other like as children of God and let His light shine through each one of us. 
 Karnataka AICC Leaders
A panel of community leaders comprised of the two gentlemen, besides Sis Cynthia and Mr. Kasim Sab, a Muslim community representative associated closely with aicc also answered the many questions and guided the gathering. Rev. Kumar Swamy and Rev.Anand Kumar welcomed the office-bearers, members of the state executive and aicc activists, who had come from 10 districts of Karnataka, all at their own expense, showing their commitment to the cause. 
The fellowship, prayer and discussions will go a long way towards preparing the community to face the peculiarly challenging situation, Christians and minorities in Karnataka find themselves in. Justice Saldana also proposed to have district level meetings, where grass-root activists could bring forth their ideas on a common platform and make plans to face the local situation. He and BG Koshy said that as aicc, much needed to be done in Karnataka encouraged each to give his/her best, aim for the highest and then leave the rest in God’s hand, to achieve His purpose.
– rev. anand kumar

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