The Fatal Fortress

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The Fatal FortressOnce upon a time, a king, who read in a remote pattern of the scattered stars that a great calamity would overtake him on a certain day and at a particular hour. He, therefore, ordered a rock stronghold to be constructed, and when it was completed he had numerous armed guards posted outside.

Furious KingOn the day that the stars foretold his fate, he entered his fortress. But when he got inside, he found that he could still see daylight. He located the gap in the wall and filled it immediately to prevent misfortune from entering.

He enclosed himself completely, but by blocking out the last opening against disaster, he also imprisoned himself without light or air. Needless to say, without air the king soon died.

There are countless building blocks that our minds use to construct our personal prisons: anger, resentment, hate, feelings of inferiority, guilt, impatience, prejudice, anticipation of calamities.…

And our spirits can be suffocated by the fortresses of fear that we build around ourselves.

– fwd: reuben tellis

Do not be afraid

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