CCBI Youth National Consultation. Implementation of Pastoral Plan for a vibrant apostolate

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CCBI  Youth Commission

The Council of Catholic Bishops of India ( CCBI ) National Youth Commission held its historic first national consultation, where for the first time, the regional secretaries, and the diocesan secretaries of Youth Commissions and the national directors and coordinators of five major youth movements in India came together at Apostolic Carmel Generalate, Bangalore, on 9-10 November 2013. The first national consultation focused on two significant needs of the Church in India, namely implementation of the CCBI Pastoral plan at the grassroots levels for a vibrant youth apostolate in India and the need and ways of networking between Youth Commissions and Youth Movements across India.

Fr. Elias ofm, the Executive Secretary, in his a short inaugural address stressed on the need of the national Youth Commission to transform millions of Youth in Indiafrom “being Observers of Life to Participants of Life, and the need for the Commissions and Movements to create a value chain and make the youth of India as an innovative power”and welcomed the delegates to the first national consultation.

At this historic event, The CCBI national youth Commission released a  handbook which consisted of the structure of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India, CCBI- National commission for youth , extracts from the pastoral plan of CCBI, strategies for implementing CCBI pastoral plan for a vibrant youth apostolate in India.

CCBI  Youth CommissionBishop Henry D’souza the Chairman of CCBI youth commission explained to the delegates the vision, mission and role  of CCBI and CCBI youth commission, namely “The Catholic Church in India, a Community of Christ’s faithful, called to proclaim the Gospel and to be at the service of God and all people,  and that we live it by being committed todeepen our faith in Jesus Christ through the Word of God and Prayer to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed, by living lives of love and service, to promote integral human development with a preferential option for the poor and marginalized for the salvation of all”

He also explained the objective of the youth movement to make young people true Disciples of Christ – declaring and living one’s Catholic identity, to participate in the Life of the Church – enriched by the Word of GOD and Sacraments, to transform young people into Christian Leaders building a new society, to empower ‘youth to youth’ out-reach initiatives and to foster a culture of Excellence that leads to Holistic Success – Individual and Collective. He invited the priests to lead the youth to faith and to transform the society and give Jesus to the youth.

While Fr. Faustin Lobo the National Director (PMS) presented the pastoral plan, Fr. George SJ focused on implementation of the pastoral plan for a vibrant youth apostolate in India. The Regional and Diocesan Commissions and the Youth Movements were given a framework through which they were asked to formulate an action plan for their regions. Translating strategies into an action plan at Regional and Diocesan levels and movements’ level was discussed by different groups. Each group presented their objectives and plan of implementation for their regions for the coming three years.

Day Two focussed on the ground reality of youth today. While the youth stressed on their currents issues/problems, they also expected the priests to be role models to inspire youth in parishes. Sharing of best praticses by various youth movements and commissions became an eye opener. While we learned on each others’ best practises, we also recognized the contritubtion made by many various movements and commissions for a vibrant youth apostolate in India. the panel also discuessed on importance, and ways and means of networking with each other.

All the delegates, while complementing the CCBI Youth Commission for inviting them for a national level consultation, promised to implement the pastoral plan of CCBI at the grassroots levels. The secretaries and the national coordinators were asked to go back to their regions, and with the the help of diocesan secretaries and youth, to come back with a concrete plan of action within the next three months. The National Youth Commission will follow up with all the Regional Commissions and Youth Movements every quarter to ensure on the implementation of the pastoral plan for a vibrant youth apostolate in India.

The National Youth Commission with this historic event has certainly begun a  journey of network and companionship.  Rightly so, the CCBI Youth Commission has found the compass for leadership direction and Youth animationto reach milestone across India.

– fr. elias

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