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The Proactive Peoples’ Cardinal

June 24, 2011 by  
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Protest in Gorai-Uttan Belt

Protest in Gorai-Uttan Belt

Cardinal Oswald Gracias met government leaders to ask for withdrawal of cases against locals in the Uttan-Gorai belt. Christians have been on the forefront of the awareness campaigns and peaceful protests against the dumping grounds in the area, the resulting pollution from which has posed health hazards for them. Their pacifistic efforts were met with lathi charge followed by arrests, threatening to disturb the harmony in the locality.

The cardinal has personally intervened in the matter in order to avert a law and order situation. He met the Home Minister to present him with a request to withdraw the cases and shift the dumping grounds. The Home Minister assured him that the Government would look into the matter immediately. Earlier, the Cardinal met the Chief Minister and spoke to him about the escalating crisis in the area. He evinced keen interest in the case and showed a positive response in dealing with the issue.

In March, the Cardinal along with the community leaders of the locality visited the site. MLA Gilbert Mendonca and Municipal Commissioner Shivmurty Naik were present at the event. At the discussions that followed, the Cardinal stated that the people should not be inconvenienced any more and that the dump should be shifted permanently. The Municipal Commissioner gave him a written assurance that it would be so, as soon as certain legal formalities were completed. The Cardinal agreed and requested the residents to cooperate.

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