There was no Mandir in Ayodhya before 19th century: Prof Harbans Mukhiya

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Reasons behind spread of Islam in IndiaRampur, March 29, 2010: “As a historian I want to say that there was no Mandir in Ayodhya at all. Before 19th century there was not even imagination about the Mandir there but only after that it was propagated. No historian has written that Mughal emperors used the means of conversion for extension of their government. It is totally baseless that they brought down thousands of Mandirs and forced people to accept Islam” said famous historian and former professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Harbans Mukhiya.

He was delivering his extension lecture today on ‘Reasons behind spread of Islam in India’ at Raza Library in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

“Those who said that Mughal rulers demolished three thousand or sixty thousand Mandirs have no proofs. In fact, Some Mandirs were demolished but the reasons were different and not to impose Islam on people. If Mughal emperors demolished Mandirs and forced people to accept Islam then why there were only 15% Muslims in India despite they ruled the country for over eight centuries while their number increased during the period of British rule?” he asked.

“Bihar, UP, Delhi and East Punjab were ruled by Mughal for long time even though in these areas population of Muslims could not go beyond 18%. It probes that people were not compelled to convert to Islam during Mughal period” he continued.

He further said that Islam spread in India because of several reasons with the passage of time. “Islamic teachings of brotherhood, communal harmony, tolerance and kindness are some factors that attract people to embarrass Islam and Sofiyas’ behavior and teachings also worked in this regard. If Muslim used swords to spread Islam then history never missed to mention that but history of Mughal period is silent on this issue” he added.

In his presidential speech Syed Shahid Mahdi appreciated Professor Harbans to express the truth in the light of history. He said that a true historian can only speak reality as Professor Harbans Mukhiya did.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Shah Abdussalam of Raza Library said that Islam spread because of its teachings that impressed people who were living under exploitation and cruelty.

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