Thousands marched in Malegaon demanding reservation for Muslims

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Malegaon, October 8, 016: After the enormous display of unity by Maratha community, Muslims in the textile town of the state marched along the street in a huge number demanding reservation for their community.

As many as one lakh people, including some Hindus took out a rally on Friday evening here in the Malegaon and raised their demand of reservation for Muslims in education and government jobs. The rally was headed by Syed Mansoor Ali Tipu who is the descendent of eighteenth century warrior Tipu Sultan.

Addressing the rally he said, “As like Muslims, non Muslims would also get equal share in Tipu’s army. In the same way, this government should provide Muslims equal opportunities in government jobs and education”.

Hundreds of Maratha people also attended the rally. Hindus were seen offering drinking water to the Muslims marching through the road in the rally.

Congress MLA Asif Shaikh who is spear heading the reservation movement demanded restoration of reservation to Muslim community as upheld by the Bombay High court. He also urged government not to intervene in Muslim personal laws.

He also announced, “If government does not pay attention towards our demand of reservation then we would organize another rally in Nashik in November”.

Earlier on Tuesday, he had convened a meeting with town’s political and non-political leaders and representatives from various organisations run by the community to discuss and appeal for making Friday rally a grand success. The Ulama, intellectuals, political leaders and activists had collectively extended support for the rally.

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