Pak: 3 Christian women beaten & paraded naked

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Three Christian women were beaten and paraded naked by a Muslim mob who broke into their Pakistan home while they were sleeping.

Christian women are extremely vulnerable to attack in PakistanPakistan, July 02, 2013: Sisters-in-law Arshad Bibi, Sajida Bibi and Sauriya Bibi were attacked on the night of 3 June while their husbands were at work. Their elderly father and mother-in law were also asleep in the house in Lahore at the time.

The mob of 12 armed Muslim men scaled the wall and broke into the property, looking for the women’s husbands. When they could not find the men, they began beating the wives, before taking them out into the street and tearing off their clothes.
As neighbours came out in response to the commotion, the women were released, but the villagers were threatened with more trouble if they complained about the incident.

The provocation for the attack was apparently that goats belonging to the Christian family had twice entered the fields of a Muslim landlord, who claimed that they had damaged his crops. He confiscated the animals, prompting one of the Christian husbands, Shaukat Masih, to request their return. The landlord refused and beat Shaukat along with his father, Sadiq Masih. The landlord later led the attack against the women.

A First Information Report, which launches a criminal investigation in Pakistan, was registered against the landlord and his men, but the police have not taken any action against them. Instead, they filed a case against the Christians.The landlord apparently has the support of the ruling party, the PML-N; a member of the National Assembly is allegedly pressuring the police not to act against the perpetrators.

This does not bode well for Pakistani Christians, who have long suffered abuse and injustice at the hands of the country’s Muslim majority.

The PML-N won the May general elections, returning Nawaz Sharif to the office of Prime Minister for the third time. During election rallies, he promised that his party would give equal rights to minorities, including Christians. But the party has previously been implicated in acts of violence against Christians, such as the attack in Gojra, where eight Christians were killed and at least 50 homes burnt down in August 2009.

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