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narendra modiHyderabad, August 12, 2013: Bharatiya Janta Party Andhra Pradesh unit left no stone unturned to make its fading presence sparkling by boosting on Narendra Modi’s exaggerated phenomena. Many high profile personalities from different influential background were turned up to meet Gujarat chief minister before his address to the Nava Bharat Yuva Behri program.

Many top Telugu film personalities like veteran actor Mohan Babu, his actor sons Vishnu Manchu and Manoj Manchu and actress daughter Lakshmi Manchu, veteran actors Murali Mohan, Suman, Jagapati Babu, actress Gowtami, producers D. Rama Naidu, Suresh Babu and his son Bollywood and Tollywood actor Rana Dagubatti, Raghvendra Rao, Dil Raju Kota Srinivas Rao and music director M M Keeravani had a brief meeting with Narendra Modi. Bollywood and Tollywood director, producer Ram Goapl Verma was also present in the meeting.

The shocker from Telugu cine world was Allu Arjun and Allu Arvind nephew and Brother in Law of Congress union minister and Mega Star Chiranjeevi, who had a brief meeting with Modi. Another paradox was K. Balakrishna, TDP MP and close relative of its chief N. Chandra Babu Naidu who for long has been at loggerheads with Gujarat C.M.

Narendra Modi in fact courted TDP back to NDA fold by praising NTR, however, senior TDP leaders refuted any patch-up with BJP and claimed that Balakrishna’s meeting with Modi was personal to invite him for his daughter’s wedding.

According to local media reports, BJP encouraged personalities from different walks of life to meet Narendra Modi and shared their problems as he is PM hopeful of BJP and next potential prime minister.

Apart from Telugu cinema personalities, top bureaucrats and industrialists from Andhra Pradesh also had a meeting with Modi at Park Hayyat hotel. Some of them were Dr. K. Somraj director Care hospital group, former DGP Gopinath Reddy, former VSNL chairman Hanuman Chaudhry, former Union home secretary K. Padmanabhaiah.

But it was the meeting of Top Dalit and backward caste leaders which distressed Muslims in AP who for long had heard Dalit, BC, Muslim unity slogans. Influential Dalit leader and founder of Madiga reservation front Manda Krishna Madiga met Modi and reportedly discussed possible Dalit alliance with BJP in upcoming elections also Backward Castes community leader R. Krishnaiah met Modi separately.

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Anti-Muslim rhetorics in Modi’s Rs 5 Yuva meet

narendra modiHyderabad, August 12, 2013: Narendra Modi’s Rs.5 each, BJP Yuva meeting titled “Nava Bharat NirmanYuva Behri” passed off peacefully in Hyderabad, although many BJP state leaders spent half of their granted time in criticizing Nizam as communal king who allegedly oppressed his Hindu subjects by using MIM and invoking role played by Gujaratis to ‘liberate’ Hyderabad state and its Hindu population from a ‘tyrant’ Nizam.

AP BJP’s grand program in Hyderabad began with expected communal rhetoric, BJP leader K. Laxman in his inaugural address said, “Narendra Modi has arrived in Hyderabad to finish MIM”. While another BJP leader and close Modi ally Vidya Sagar Rao praised 1948 military action against Nizam government which left nearly 2 lakh Muslims massacred.

In today’s program in Hyderabad, MIM and Nizam turned out to be favorite whipping boys for every BJP leader. BJP state president Kishan Reddy alleged that, “MIM has turned Hyderabad into a Rowdy city, with Congress dancing on its tunes.”

BJP central leader Venkaiah Naidu stated, “Gujarat and Hyderabad share special relationship, people who finished off Nizam and Razakars were Gujaratis, now the man who is going to finish MIM will also be a Gujarati.”Local Gujaratis and Madwadis had turned out in huge number to support Modi, special Gujarati Bollywood beats and cultural songs were played at the venue for the pleasure of the crowd.

Although Andhra Pradesh BJP claimed that nearly 2 lakh people attended the meeting but factually venue capacity at Fateh Maidan (LB stadium) is just 50,000 if used to its limits. According to local media reports 500 special buses and countless SUV’s were arranged to transport crowd from districts to Fateh Maidan stadium, by 4:p.m. venue was packed to its limits. Nearly 5000 police officers were deployed for security.

While other central and local BJP leaders played into communal pomposity keeping Hyderabad past and present in mind, Narendra Modi stuck to the basics to Delhi power door. Kicking off BJP poll campaign, he delivered his initial speech in Telugu with Gujarati accent much to the amusement of the crowd. He tried to connect with the audience claiming that Telugu medium school functions in Gujarat and nearly 4 lakh Telugu people work in Surat region and nearly equal number in Ahmedabad. He also claimed that 17thSeptember Hyderabad liberation is much closer to his heart as the role played by Gujaratis and as the day coincides with his birthday.

Modi also criticized Center over Telengana mess terming that Congress has made Telugu brothers fight with each other. He also claimed that Andhra Pradesh is trailing behind Gujarat and wish to see Andhra gets developed on the par with his native state, however factually Andhra Pradesh is much ahead of Gujarat in many growth indicators.

Narendra Modi also criticized UPA Government on its foreign policy giving examples of recent incidents of Chinese incursion and killing of military Jawans by Pakistani army, “When Pakistan killed our five Indian soilders, our foreign minister (Salman Khursheed) was serving Biryani to Pakistani’s at Jaipur. Why should there be a protocol for people who are killing our Jawans.”

Narendra Modi while criticizing Government’s response to Jammu communal clashes also suggested that illegal migration in India is due to vote bank politics. “Vote bank politics of UPA Government has affected internal security of the Nation. Because of Central Govt. orders BSF is unable to control Bangladeshi infiltrators”

He also took a dig at Congress inclusive growth policy and proposed food security bill claiming that need arises of such polices and terms after ten years of UPA Government loot, he also suggested during Vajpayee era every Indian use to get food.

He also indirectly invited TDP back into NDA fold by praising N.T. Rama Rao as man who led the foundation of anti-Congress movement, thus TDP should support Congress Mukt Bharat (Congress free India).

By ending his speech Modi invoked Obama made the crowd cheer ‘Yes we can’ and adding ‘Yes we’ll do’ with Desi touch of ‘Vande Matram’.

After the public meeting Narendra Modi headed to Keshav memorial school managed by RSS where he unveiled Sardar Patel’s statue. In his speech there Modi criticized Jawaharlal Nehru for Kashmir problem and praised Sardar Patel for merging Hyderabad state and part of Kashmir with India.

He also reiterated his plans to build world tallest statue of Sardar Patel Iron man of India by using Iron collected from every part of India, keeping with the moods and expectations of audience Modi mocked, “Every kind of iron metal from across India will be used, but not the metal of Nizam’s cannons, even if it were to be sufficient to build the whole statue.”

That one sentence holds a lot if someone wants to read between the lines.

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