Tortured and excommunicated for believing in Christ

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OrissaOrissa, April 30, 2014:  3 Dalit Christian believer families of a very remote village called Kalchipudadihi under Sado panchayat, PS.: Reamala, Deqgarh District, Odisha State which is a tribal based and Maoist dominated area, have been very seriously tortured and excommunicated for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as they have been believing in Him since few years in spite of all objections, oppositions, persecutions in between.

In the name of the religion, the Hindu villagers of around 100 families have finally excommunicated and deprived by force these 3 believer families and disciples of Christ from their birth right of enjoying the common facilities like, village road, water and forest etc. even up to the extent of putting dust, waste and spoiling a well from which these people use to draw water for their living. Moreover, they have been forbidden to mix or talk to anybody, to take part in any social functions and no other villagers will neither talk to them nor get involved in any of these believers needs, programmes & functions. The victimized believer families under these restrictions in the said village are; Manasida Barla, Masid das Lugun and Lodha Barla and their 16 members.

Apart from these nature of torture, they have also been threatened to be removed from the Govt. land allotted to them and the same lands to be snatched away from them, their BPL Cards to be cancelled and their houses shall be demolished by a fundamentalist group of perpetrators in the said village who have also covered and sealed the face of the well after spoiling its water by many bags of mud, dusts and wastes.

And now, when the temperature is recorded as highest and more than 44.5 in Western Odisha under which this village stands, it’s a big question that how these believer Dalit families will survive without water and from where, they will collect water for their living. How can they live their own village, houses and all belongings? Who shall come to their immediate help? This is one of the similar cases those are happening in almost all the remote parts of Odisha State where Hindu fanatics are always in their active move to disturb and snatch away the peace and safety of Christian believers in the name of the religion.

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