Iran: Ps. Saeed’s sufferings intensify. 2 Christians free

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Pastor Farhad Sabokrouh and his wife Shahnaz Jeizan

Pastor Farhad Sabokrouh and his wife Shahnaz Jeizan

Iran, December 09, 2013: Two Christian leaders have been released from prison in Iran, while Pastor Saeed Abedini is enduring constant threats to his life and deteriorating health in a highly dangerous jail.

Pastor Farhad Sabokrouh and Naser Zamen Dezfuli were freed on 4 December, two weeks before the end of their jail term.

They were sentenced, along with Pastor Farhad’s wife, Shahnaz Jeizan, and Davoud Alijani, to serve one year each in prison. There has been no news as to whether Shahnaz and Davoud will also be released early.

The four were detained following a raid on their Assemblies of God (AOG) church in Ahwaz on 23 December 2011. They were later found guilty of “converting to Christianity, inviting Muslims to convert, as well as propagating against the Islamic regime through promoting Evangelical Christianity”.

The AOG church is registered with the authorities but has nevertheless faced intense harassment and pressure.


Meanwhile, Iranian-American pastor Saeed Abedini is suffering grievously in Rajai Shahr Prison, which is one of the deadliest in the world.

He told relatives who were able to visit him last week that he has been robbed at knifepoint several times, losing the few personal hygiene items he has been able to obtain.

Saeed is in a ward with violent prisoners, including murderers and rapists, from whom he has no respite or protection. He said there have been several nights when he has awoken to find men standing over him with knives.

His health is also suffering severely. The pastor has been denied the medication he was prescribed for injuries sustained from prison beatings. Saeed said that he was in pain in his stomach and kidneys. He also appears to be suffering recurring urinary tract infections and is experiencing joint pain.

The appalling conditions in Rajai Shahr are causing further problems. Saeed is covered in lice and has lost weight from lack of proper nutrition. He is having difficulty sleeping.

Saeed was moved without explanation or notice to Rajai Shahr Prison last month. Prisoners of conscience are said to be sent there to disappear. He is serving an eight-year jail term for planting house churches.

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