Uganda: Muslim Sheikh attacks daughter after she converted

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Uganda, April 01, 2014: A young woman in Uganda had to flee from her Muslim family when her father, a sheikh, tried to kill her after finding out about her conversion to Christianity.

Wenene Nuru (23) has been taken in by a church elder

Wenene Nuru (23) has been taken in by a church elder

Wenene Nuru (23) of Iki-Iki township in Pallisa district gave her life to Christ following a series of events that started with her listening to a Christian-Muslim radio debate about the Sonship of Jesus.

She subsequently had a dream in which she was praying in a church. Wenene then visited a Christian girl, who on 2 March took her to a birthday party, where a pastor spoke about Jesus being born in a person’s heart. “There and then I gave my life to Christ,” Wenene told Morning Star News.

Knowing that her father was likely to react angrily, she kept her new faith a secret. But the following day, a neighbour who had attended the same party told Wenene’s father about her conversion.

On the evening of 4 March, he attacked her. She recounted the ordeal:

My father began beating me with clubs and blows, and I started screaming in great pain. While I was down on the floor bleeding, my father went looking for a knife to kill me. A neighbour … helped me escape.

After receiving treatment in hospital for a week, Wenene was taken in by a church elder in Pallisa.

It can be extremely costly, even dangerous, for a Muslim to leave Islam (apostasy), in some contexts more than others. Tensions have been rising in Uganda over religious conversions.

On Christmas Eve 2011, Pastor Umar Mulinde, a convert from Islam, had acid thrown in his face by Islamic extremists. Doctors have since been able to save his sight and hearing, and he has undergone multiple facial reconstruction operations. Barnabas Fund has assisted with his medical costs.


Uganda is around 75% Christian, but Muslims form a majority in some areas, and Christians there live in a hostile context. Two church buildings, one in Budaka, the other in Butaleja, both predominantly Muslim districts, were burnt down by Islamic extremists in February. They also torched the home of Bishop James Kinyewa on 2 March. He said:

They were shouting “Allahu Akhbar” (“Allah is great”). Now the same militant group is hunting for my life. My family and I are now hiding ourselves, homeless and waiting for God’s intervention.

– morning star news

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