Unconditional Apologies: Offensive Jesus Pics

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Lonkar, Publisher & Facebooker Sameer Apologize Unconditionally

Your email can get these pics off –
Draft of protest letter is below.

Smoking Drinking Jesus sparks legal row

Blasphemous Pics on the Internet

You are aware of the blasphemous calendar by Shiv Sena ex-Corporator, Lonkar with a photo of Jesus with a cigarette and beer in hand. Our attention was also drawn to a Facebook entry by Sameer Suri, which was not only abusive, but also hurts our religious sentiments. The CSF complained to the authorities and is publishing the photograph below since it could be misused again. In the image, the acronym ‘WTF (What The F) Jesus! Look at this mess!!! Clean your room now!’ says Jesus’ mother Mary. Jesus is on the computer replying exasperatingly, ‘ BUT MOOOOOOM ‘

As if this was not bad enough, Sameer Suri while saying ‘Sorry’ justified it in the next post: ‘ I did not create it myself and I was not trying to “f with your religion”… ‘ However, when taken to task, he was repentant and asked to be pardoned. In true Christian spirit, The CSF and the activists have forgiven him. Just as we did to Lonkar and the publisher of the offensive calendar. Lets pray for them too.

Equally important is that we write to the concerned authorities to get the two pictures off the internet to prevent future abuse. Please find below a draft letter to the union communications and home minister to get these images removed. All you need to do is copy the below draft, paste and email it.

Email to:
moscit.mmd@nic.in, hm@nic.in, csfpost@gmail.com

Dear Decision-maker,

Sub: Request to Get 2 Offensive Lord Jesus pictures off the internet

This is with reference to two objectionable pictures of our Lord Jesus Christ – one with a cigarette and beer in hand and the other one talking to His Mother, who abuses and asks Jesus to clean His room. Both are being used repeatedly and hurt the religious sentiments of the Christian community. Hence, we urge you to kindly get these pictures off the internet, the links for which are below:


Thanking you in anticipation for the same

Yours in Public Interest

( Your Name )

Sameer, Facebooker Apologizes Unconditionally

Facebooker Sameer Apologize Unconditionally

Shiv Sena ex-Corporator Lonkar Apologizes Unconditionally

Lonkar, Publisher  Apologize Unconditionally

We will keep you informed of the developments in this regard.

Blessings and Respect,

Your brother in Christ,

Joseph Dias

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