UPA has not addressed crux of minorities prob: Mohd Basheer

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MinoritiesNew Delhi, March 07, 2013: A prominent Muslim League party leader E. T. Mohammad Basheer who is a first-time MP from Ponnani has severely criticized the UPA government on the floor of the Lok Sabha for not doing enough for the problems faced by the Muslims. Significantly, Muslim League is part of the UPA government.

Participating in the debate on Motion of Thanks, Mr. Basheer said that though the government has increased the allocation in budget for Ministry of Minorities Affairs and Maulana Azad Foundation but it “has not yet addressed the crux of the problem of the minorities.”

He criticized the government for its inaction in getting reservation for Muslims implemented. He said it seems that the “government has forgotten the subject of reservation.”

“As far as the minorities are concerned, the most important subject is reservation and reservation alone. If the Government is not putting serious efforts on this, I would like to say that it is a matter of profound regret. We were talking about the affirmative action since long back. Various Commissions have recommended affirmative action. What affirmative action has the Government taken in respect of the minorities? So, I do not question the integrity and honesty of this Government. I do realise the Government is taking this kind of lukewarm stand on the reservation. I would like to say that it is highly condemnable on the part of the Government. The UPA-II is completing its tenure and is nearing the completion of the tenure of this Government. At least, at this juncture, I appeal to the Government to take a clear cut policy on reservation and all kinds of affirmative actions suggested by various Commissions,” said Basheer without mincing any words.

UPA also came under criticism for its handling of terrorism cases. Basheer said that UAPA Unlawful Activities Prevention Act is being misused to harass Muslims.

“ We all know that thousands of Muslim youths are languishing in jails. They are branded as terrorists. I would like to say that the Government should seriously think about it. Sir, this Act is not just giving an open general license to the policemen to keep everybody in the jail. “

Basheer gave the example of PDP Chief Abdul Nasser Madani who was kept in Chennai Jail for nine years before being acquitted but now he is in Karnataka jail for two years.

“He is not getting justice. Bail is denied to him. Even today, his application is pending. So, I am requesting the Government to take a serious view on that. We should not allow this kind of things in our country. This is against the basic principles of the secularism,” pleaded Basheer who has been elected to Kerala Assembly four-times before becoming the MP.

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