Uttar Pradesh: Christians threatened, impending marriage in Kashganj stopped

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A Hindu extremist ( file photo )

A Hindu extremist ( file photo )

Uttar Pradesh, October 1, 2012: Hindu extremists launched a series of attacks against the Christians, accused them of forceful conversion and stopped the impending marriage of Christians in Ladholi, Bahora, Kashganj, Uttar Pradesh.

Christian leaders from the Jagat Jyoti Bahujan Kalyan Ashram reported to EFI News that Hindu extremists, supported by the local police, threatened them to stop worshipping Christ or face dire consequences.

The first incident took place on Sept 11, when Local Intelligence Unit came to the Ashram, accused the Christians of luring people to convert to Christianity by offering them monetary benefits. The believers denied the allegation.

However, the next day, the extremist Hindus with rifles, led by Rajeshwar Singh, arrived in two vehicles and again accused the Christians of forceful conversions. Singh offered monetary benefits to any believer who would be willing to convert back to Hinduism; and said that they would destroy all Christians and Muslims. Singh also told one believer, Leela Vati, to not get her daughter married to one believer, as proposed, as they would not stand any inter-caste marriages.

Again the next day, police arrived at the Ashram and told Leela Vati and her family to leave the Ashram or face dire consequences. Leela Vati and her family left the Ashram, in fear, the same night. The police went to the Ashram the next day to check whether Lelela Vati and her family had left the Ashram and ordered the believers to report to the police station the next day.

Speaking to EFI News about the incident, Rev Acharya Ram Surat said, “The extremists were threatened by the unity among Christians. After accepting Christ, believers were willing to cross barriers and marry from different castes; and the extremist Hindus wanted to stop this by all means”.

Area Christian leaders submitted a police complaint.

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