Veiled woman systematically killing ISIS jihadis in Iraq

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Iraq, September 29, 2016: As Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria are systematically sexually enslaving and physically abusing women, at least one anonymous woman in the group’s stronghold in Iraq has reportedly taken it upon herself to kill the jihadis.

According to Iraqi News, it was reported on Monday that two IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) militants were killed by a veiled woman in Mosul.

The news site reports that the killing of the two jihadis by a woman wearing a veil is the third of such incidents to occur in the region in the past month.

“A veiled woman carrying a pistol killed two fighters of the Islamic State, in the early hours of the morning, near a checkpoint in the vicinity of Numaniya neighborhood in the city of Mosul,” the Iraqi news network al-Sumaria reported, according to Iraqi News.

“The incident is the third of its kind in the city of Mosul this month,” the report added. “This phenomenon raised ISIS concerns during the past weeks.”

In an attack earlier this month, two other IS fighters were killed by a veiled woman in the IS-held town of al-Sharqat, which is in the Saladin governorate of Iraq. According to Iraqi news, IS has controlled al-Sharqat since the group rose to power in June 2014.

“A veiled woman carrying a pistol killed two members of ISIS who were standing in a checkpoint in Sharqat, north of Salah al-Din,” a local source told Iraqi News earlier this month. “The incident surprised the organization and forced them to issue an alert of similar attacks.”

Even before the killing of the jihadis in Sharqat, a veiled woman had previously been reported to have attacked an IS militant a few days earlier in Mosul.

According to Iraqi News, IS has warned its members to be on the lookout for the veiled jihadi killer.

Outside of IS’ skirmishes with Kurdish forces, Iraqi forces, Syrian forces, the United States-led coalition and other militia groups in the region, the veiled woman of Mosul is not the only deadly assassin to take up the task of knocking off barbaric IS jihadis from within the caliphate.

After the militant group rose to power in Iraq and Syria in the summer of 2014, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported in August 2014 that a secret guerrilla organization called White Shroud was responsible for killing at least 100 IS militants in the group’s stronghold of Deir ez-Zor.

White Shroud, which is a reference to the shroud that dead jihadis are wrapped in once they are killed, was believed to have been comprised of at least 300 members, including some from a defunct Syrian rebel group.

“Eighty percent of the members of White Shroud did not take part in combat before [IS] came,” the group’s leader, who went by the pseudonym Abu Aboud, was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying. “We trained them and they joined White Shroud because of the great oppression they felt after Islamic State took control.”

It is not clear what the current status of the group is as nothing has been reported about White Shroud since the initial wave of news reports were published in 2014.

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