VHP belittles Mother Teresa again

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Saint of the GuttersGoa, March 2, 2015: Close on the heels of RSS chief Mohan Bhawgat’s strong criticism of Mother Teresa’s work, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) congregation at Fatorda on Sunday went a step further and belittled the work of the “Saint of the Gutters” while also giving a clarion call to bring those who have been converted, back into the Hindu fold.

Staunch VHP figure Pushparaj Swami stated that thousands of Hindus who were converted to Christianity a century ago should be brought back into the Hindu fold. “People of other religions are not different,they are our brothers but the only difference is that they have nowbecome slaves”, said Pusparaj Swami.

He was speaking at the convention organized by VHP at Fatorda on Sunday.

Another VHP strongman Swami A Kadsidheswar stated that there are lakhs of people in India who have done better social work than Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa acquired fame by taking care of poor children and proved to the world that India is a poor country and thus tainted the image of India. In India, Hindu temples and Matts are doing praiseworthy social work. Mother Teresa minted money in the name of serving the poor, alleged Swami Kadshideshwar.

He further mentioned that in spite of an onslaught on Hinduism several times, Hindus have survived. Today India’s population comprises of 80 per cent Hindus. Many people have sacrificed their lives to protect the Hindu culture. Parents should ensure that their children preserve the Hindu culture. “Beware of ‘love jihad’ and keep vigil on your children”, said the Swami.

Ball Maharaj who also spoke at the convention said, “VHP has taught the Hindus to live with dignity. There is existence of Lord Ram inthis country and it is for this reason that BJP came to power at theCentre”.

Deepak Gaikwad exhorted the crowd to keep a check on Believers who he said were converting people.

Two resolutions were later adopted at the convention; to construct a Ram Mandir at Ayodha and banning slaughter of cows in Goa.

MLAs Vishnu Wagh and Pramod Sawant, Yash Dempo and Ashok Chowgule were among those present at the convention.

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