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Hi Friends !

Here is yet another reason to thank God and give Him glory ! For Indian Christians in unity as the situation in country demands. No Denominations. One in Christ. Awake. Arise. Act.

HE has used Yours Truly, our family & friends like you to put out one more media initiative – the VOIS DigiYug App – to serve those Christians persecuted & rest like us – the better off.

Those who gave you India’s First & Only Daily Christian News – on SMS and by eNewsletter – over so many years, now bring you the country’s First & Only state/city wise Christian news app.

In tough times, not forgetting demonetization, the LORD has once again called us to be faithful to stand in the gap for our persecuted family members. Do your bit, by sharing this appeal to all.

Download the VOIS DigiYug App. Why Download the VOIS DigiYug App? Its the least you can do. What does it do? VOIS –

* Gives Christian News – almost as it happens
* Celebrates & Recognizes Community Members
* Highlights Religious Liberty & Human Rights Issues
* Speaks of State/City-wise Happenings among Christians
* Provides Daily a Brief Biblical Pictorial Verse to Bless Your Life Situations
* Creates a Network of Christians, Minorities, SC/ST & Backward Communities
* Stands-up Against Discrimination & Exploitation on Basis of Faith, Caste, Gender, Culture etc.
* Records All Major Attacks on Indian Christians & Co-ordinates Action to Prevent Any Repetition
* Builds Prayer Warriors for those in Need of Miracles, Healing, Finances, Deliverance & Spiritual Support
* Challenges Extremists & Anti-National forces coming from different Religious, Political & Economic Powers

By downloading the VOIS DigiYug app, you will become a Christian who – Is More Aware, Prays – if nothing else and joins in to be part of the SOULution…

I have said a special prayer for those downloading the VOIS DigiYug App as it will you come closer to Jesus and those whom HE was close to. Do your bit, the LORD will do the rest.

Do email me of your feedback, suggestions & response, once you download it.

Your brother in Christ – Joe Dias csfpost@gmail.com

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