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What really mattersCarl Coleman was driving to work one morning when he bumped fenders with another motorist. Both cars stopped and a woman driving the other car got up to survey the damage. She was distraught. It was her fault, she admitted, and hers was a new car, less than two days from the showroom, a gift from her husband, whom she now dreaded facing.

Coleman was sympathetic; but he had to pursue the exchange of license and registration data. She reached into her glove compartment to retrieve the documents in an envelope.

On the first paper to tumble out, written in her husband’s distinctive hand, were these reassuring words, “In case of accident, remember, honey, it’s YOU I love, not the car!”


Automobile TiresThe master was certainly not a stickler for etiquette and good manners but there was always a natural courtesy and grace in his dealings with others.

A young disciple once was very rude to a toll collector as he drove the Master home one night. In self-defense he said, “I’d rather be myself and let people know exactly how I feel. Politeness is nothing but a lot of hot air anyway.”

“True enough,” replied the Master pleasantly, “but that’s what we have in our automobile tires and see how it eases the bumps.”

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