White House ignores wives of imprisoned Chinese Christians * Sharqia: Church and homes set on fire by some 2,000 Muslim extremists

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Evangelical Fellowship of Indian (EFI) News:
Chhattisgarh: Prayer service disrupted and a School attacked
Jharkhand: Christians attacked, but police fail to arrest attackers
– Dr. Richard Howell
United Christian Federation For Justice Invites you for a meeting on continued attacks on Christians and Institutions & Saffronisation of 5th and 8th Std text books. It will be held at St.Andrews Church hall,Cubbon Road, 4 pm on 18th Feb 2012.
– Rev..Manohar Chandra Prasad & Pericho Prabhu
The weekend primetime Bible-based Kannada teleserial is to be telecast on DDI and Chandana for the first time on 18th February 2012, 7.30-8.00 pm, and the second episode on 19th Feb same time.
– Cynthia Stephen
Video on how Anaekal Jesuit Priest was treated by Hindutva mob
– Alwyn D’souza

White House ignores wives of imprisoned Chinese Christians


White HouseUSA, February 15, 2012: Chinese Vice President Receives 19-Gun Salute, Honor Guard

International Christian Concern (ICC) learned yesterday that the White House has ignored multiple attempts by the wives of imprisoned Chinese Christian human rights activists to obtain a meeting with the president, vice-president, or a member of the current administration.

The two women, Li Jing and Geng He, testified at a Congressional hearing yesterday of the “horrific” abuse their husbands, Guo Quan and Gao Zhisheng, both Christians, have faced for their stance on human rights at the hands of the Chinese government. Meanwhile, just a few miles away, China’s Vice-President, Xi Jinping, received an unprecedented welcome at the Pentagon, complete with a 300 man honor guard and a 19 gun salute.
The news comes as reports of government persecution in China, especially against Chinese house church Christians, are on the rise. According to rights group ChinaAid, 2011 marked the worst year for religious freedom in China since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, and 2012 is expected to be even more difficult. China also blocked an attempted visit to investigate religious human rights abuses a few days ago by the U.S ambassador for international religious freedom, Suzan Johnson Cook.
When asked during the hearing how her husband found the courage to speak out when faced with torture and imprisonment, Li Jing responded that the Bible taught love as a commitment, and that as a Christian, her husband feels compelled to speak for those who are oppressed.
Later, in an interview with ICC, Li Jing related how her husband had drawn inspiration from his Christian faith when authoring two of the four books which would eventually result in his imprisonment. Despite this, her faith remains steadfast and she hopes that her son, Guo Yi, will be able to learn more about Christianity while growing up in the United States.
International Christian Concern’s Regional Manager for China, Ryan Morgan, said “Yesterday, the Obama administration demonstrated a blatant disregard for the ongoing violations of human rights and religious freedom taking place in China. Has the presidential administration decided that the very values it was elected to protect mean nothing when it comes to our relationship with China? This is completely unacceptable, and for the sake of every human rights activist facing oppression at the hands of the Chinese government, we call on the Obama administration to reverse course and address human rights abuses in China openly and at the highest levels.”

– icc

Sharqia: Church set on fire by some 2,000 Muslim extremists


Egypt SalafitiEgypt, February 15, 2012: Clashes in the village of Meet Bashar ended last night after the mediation of some Muslim Brotherhood leaders. For Fr Rafic Greiche, the victory by Islamist parties in the elections has increased anti-Christian attacks.

A mob of nearly 2,000 radical Muslims, mainly Salafists, set fire to the Church of St Mary and St Abram in the village of Meet Bashar, in Zagazig, Sharqia province (50 kilometres north-east of Cairo). Since Sunday, the area has been the scene of clashes between Muslim extremists and Christians. Calm returned to the area after mediation by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, who convinced the Salafists to leave the village.

The violence was caused by the disappearance of Rania Khalil, a Christian teenager who went missing last Sunday. Her father is a convert to Islam. She was found today and is in police custody. She and her mother will be interrogated by police. Salafists believe she was abducted by Christians to prevent her conversion to Islam.

Since the victory of Islamist parties in Egypt’s recent elections, anti-Coptic attacks have increased across the country. The latest occurred on 27 January in the village of Kobry-el-Sharbat (el-Ameriya), near Alexandria, said Fr Rafic Greiche, spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church.

On that occasion, Salafists tried to burn the homes of the village’s 62 Coptic families, after some Muslims accused a Christian tailor, Mourad Samy Guirgis, of having “illicit” pictures of a Muslim woman on his mobile phone.

“Muslim radicals use conversions to Christianity from Islam as a pretext to attack and scare the Coptic community so that it will flee,” Fr Greiche explained. “This is happening across Egypt.”

“In Western media, the prevailing idea is that religious clashes between Christians and Muslims happen only in Upper Egypt and Cairo’s slums, where people are ignorant. In fact, when it comes to conversion from one religion to another, there is no distinction between rich and poor, educated and uneducated, Upper or Lower Egypt.”

In Muslim society, anyone who converts to Christianity becomes an outcast, Fr Greiche said. By contrast, those who speak out against forced conversions to Islam are not protected by the authorities and in most cases are forced to withdraw their accusations under pressures and threats.

Things are bound to get worse, the clergyman believes. “Salafists are Egypt’s second largest party. After the election, they hold 20 per cent of the seats in parliament. In the next few months, they could use their political power against Christians.”

– asianews

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