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Cucumber is a low-calorie and high potassium food. It is also inherently cooling and has hydrating properties that helps the body to retain water in hot and humid days. So load your fridge with cucumbers without a second thought this summer and reap the endless health benefits.

Cucumber has countless health benefits to offer, some of these include:

1) Reduces Cholesterol
A compound called sterol in cucumber helps reduce bad cholesterol. So every bite of that cucumber slice helps your heart in innumerable ways.

2) Regulates Blood Sugar
Our pancreas contains beta cells which produce insulin. Cucumber aids the production of insulin by supplying hormones to beta cells, thus making cucumber beneficial for diabetics.

3) Promotes Joint Health
Cucumber is an excellent source of silica & helps promote health of joints by strengthening the connective tissues and lubricating the joints to facilitate easier movement.

4) Helps In Hydration
Cucumber is made up of over 90% water. For a change one can replace a glass of water with a glass of cucumber juice for an instant dose of much needed fluids needed to keep the body hydrated

5) Aids In Weight Loss
Add crunchy cucumbers to your regular meals in form of salads or soups. The soluble fiber in cucumbers aids in slowing down digestion, keeps us feeling full for a longer time, and helps keep you away from eating frequently

6) Keeps Depression At Bay
Cucumbers are a source of vitamin B1,B5, B7 (biotin). Deficiency of B Complex is known to cause anxiety and stress. So crunch your way to great mental health, and keep depression away.

7) Rejuvenates Skin
Cucumbers are used in spas for their natural hydrating properties. Slices of cold cucumbers placed around the eyes reduce puffiness and dark circles. It is a sure treat for tired eyes

8) Improves Digestion
Not only does the cucumber salad help in weight loss, the fiber in every slice helps your gut digest the food that goes in there. The fiber is also beneficial in regulating bowel movements. It is definitely a must have for those heavy lunch days.

9) Maintains Kidney Health
The high water content in cucumbers helps in maintaining kidney health, it reduces uric acid levels in the kidneys and its diuretic properties help flush toxins from the kidneys.

There are many simple and fun ways to have cucumber daily in your diet:

-Relish It With Your Drink
Cucumber slices mixed with lemon juice, mint syrup; black salt and water can be blended for a magic summer drink.

-Have It In Your Salad
Add cucumber to your regular salad and see the difference it makes to your appetite and digestion.

-Make Raita Out Of It
Grate 2 cucumbers and mix with 1 cup of curd, add some salt, pepper and cumin powder as seasoning, and for a healthy side dish with oily food.

-Add It To Your Water Bottle
Add slices of cucumber to drinking water for instant rehydration, for a variation add mint leaves, slices of apple or strawberry for a summer take on plain drinking water.

Cucumbers are as versatile as they are delicious unlike the other green vegetables providing the same nutritive effects. So go for it and beat the heat this hot summer with the humble cucumber by your side! Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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