Yechury warns against turning secular India into ‘fascistic Hindu Rashtra’

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Kolkata, June 30, 2016: Drawing a parallel between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS with Hitler and his idea of nationalism, CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday warned against the metamorphosis of a “secular democratic republic of India into a rabidly intolerant fascistic Hindu Rashtra”.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Neo-liberalism, Communalism and Intellectual Resistance’ at the 77th Foundation Day of the National Book Agency here, Yechury cited the Jawaharlal Nehru University controversy as well as “Love Jihad” and “Ghar Wapasi” as a bid by the BJP and the RSS “to replace India’s inclusiveness with the exclusive concept of Hindu Rashtra”.

“In a chilling similarity to Hitler’s concept of ‘purifying’ the German nation, the RSS’s ideology involves replacing nationalism of Indian inclusiveness to the exclusive concept of Hindu Rashtra, where Hindus and Hindus alone are the true inhabitants of the country,” Yechury said.

“Anybody else who practices any other religion or refuses to get subsumed under the Hindu way of life, are but foreigners and anti-nationals,” he said.

Accusing the Modi government of juggling statistics to paint a rosy picture of the Indian economy which actually was “sluggish”, Yechury also lambasted the Centre over Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

“Much like they found a messiah in Hitler, national and international corporates were looking for a messiah in India who will deliver for them and allow the opportunity for profit maximisation.”

“That is exactly what Modi did in his visit to the US, where he signed all the instruments for opening everything to FDI, including the defence sector,” he said.

Yechury called for building “intellectual resistance against the fast approaching fascism”.

“What we are having in the country today is not yet fascism. Fascism means replacement of parliament democracy by a naked terrorist dictatorship. We have not yet allowed them to jettison parliamentary democracy.”

“But efforts are on to jettison democracy,” the Marxist veteran said, pointing to the imposition of President’s Rule in Uttarakhand.

“It is not that we wait for fascism to arrive and then fight because there will be very few to fight,” he said.

“Fascism will succeed only if they succeed to replace Indian history with Hindu mythology, replace Indian philosophy by Hindu theocracy.”

“That is why building up intellectual resistance holds the significance. It’s the battle of reason against unreason. We need to strengthen reason so that it triumphs over the unreason,” he added.

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2 Responses to “Yechury warns against turning secular India into ‘fascistic Hindu Rashtra’”
  1. SHASHI MINZ says:

    we lack intellectual honesty, and unless we reeducate oursevelves towards this end through portals such as this our next generation shall have no moorings to cling to in face of the impending holocaust remniscient of the nazi regime .let us not repeat history but learn from hiistory to create an atmosphere of trust , faith and love in our own families and our own limited spheres of our societies . despite having the privilege of enjoying an idea well conceived of liberty fraternity and equality ,let us find a common goal for the general good of all . the lion amongst the wolves has made a hasty retreat for peaceful and accademic pursuits instead of taking the bull by the horn.does david the first king of israel come back to show us how to conquer a goliath of our times . temperance in letter and in spirit is the need of the hour .and more things can be wrought in prayers than what you and i can dream off .hail the men and women on their knees twentyfour seven .,

  2. SHASHI MINZ says:

    despite the pmla and the narco terrorism ,ndps act we are silent witness to what is known popularly as the shatranj ke khelari .and if we do not put our act together we shall all be swamped by the dragon king and queen sneaking into our nation . our integrity of purpose under one benevolent dictator is the need of the hour and who shall bear and float the standard high if not the national media . instead of wasting so much time and energy in fruitless debates and discussions let us join hands with the creator of social justice , equality and peace and bring about the national pride to love and protect the country of our origin ….let us uphold the tenets of our constitution and cease to confuse the citizens of this nation any further by shielding and harbouring subversive forces that disrupt peace and harmony in our human society . khandhmal and malegaon are a case to be pondered upon , are those affected not part of the indian social fabric, why then allow these divisive forces to rear its ugly head. victims of rape murder and plunder and displacement of land are on the increase and efforts to rehabilatate those whose land has been usurped for mining purpose are found populating the subways and spaces under the overbridges in all the metro cities . there has to be a systematic effort to make smart cities for the displaced citizens of this country who deserve the same rates for their land in jashpur in chattisgarh as those in whitefeild in bangalore in karnataka .love for work is the driving force for any human society with dignity and just wages . and compensatiopns . the ilo cannot be expected to look into our land records nor are the empoered to but our enlightened bureucracy is . let us then train our future bureaucrats to be just and selfless when dispensing with justice . the crime patrol series and cid in sony channel of our tv ,bear witness to the actual plight of our fellow citizens and the archaich social pratices still being perpetuated in our indian society and hats off to those who have held the mirror to our face despite all odds .

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